How to Make Lauki ki Sabzi | Easy Recipe for Bottlegourd

sliced vegetables on brown wooden chopping board

Lauki! Many people would make face like this. I couldn’t find the best face than this as I remember a few from my family itself making faces when they hear its lauki ki sabzi in lunch today. Lauki or bottle

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Bhuney Baingan ka Bharta | How to Make Eggplant Bharta

flat lay photography of four purple eggplants

Baingan ka Bharta is a cuisine from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In India, baingan ka bharta cuisine is famous in various states like Punjab, Bihar, Maharashtra, Odisha and West Bengal. Baingan ka Bharta, in Marathi, is known as wangyacha bharit.

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Dal Ambat with Cabbage | Tur Dal Recipe

bowl of cooked food

Dal Ambat with Cabbage Recipe is easy-to-make unlike its name. Tur or Toor Dal, more popular as Arhar ki Dal in northern part of India, was once the rich protein source of poor. The price has been varying since last

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Chicken Saagwala Recipe | How to Make Chicken Spinach

Cooked Chicken With Brown Sauce and Green Vegetables on White Ceramic Plate

Chicken Saagwala Recipe takes less time to cook and is an easy recipe also known as Chicken Spinach Curry, Murgh Saagwala. Chicken Saagwala or Murgh Saagwala recipe, an amazing combination of vegetable and chicken, is easy and healthy too. When

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Egg curry with Potato

cooked food with stainless steel spoon

Egg curry with Potato is an awesome dish for your family and takes less time to cook. It is a north-Indian dish but some call it a Pakistani dish. Eggs, one of the main ingredients, of this dish can be found

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