Rajasthani Special Churma Laddoo Recipe

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Rajasthani Special Churma Laddoo Recipe is shared by Chef Padma Singhvi. The Churma Laddoos are best served with dal and baati; it’s a unique and special western Indian cuisine. Ingredients (12-15 Medium Size Laddoos) • Cup Size: 200 Gms •

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Dal Bhari Parathe Recipe Step By Step | How To Make Chana Dal Paratha at Home

sliced pizza on brown wooden chopping board

Dal Bhari Paratha or Dal Bhari Puri we call it both at home. When I say puri you might picture the deep-fried fluffs, no the chana dal bhari puri is more like parathas but has its unique taste. Not to

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Easy Mooli ki Sabzi Recipe | How to Make Radish Sabzi

tray of food on white surface

It is one of those days when I want to write and share a recipe with you but couldn’t focus. Does this happens with you too? And when? I have so many things to share, everything is organized too –

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Two-Ingredient Nenua ki Sabzi | How to Make Sponge Gourd, the Simple Way

Sponge Gourd, Nenua (in Hindi) or Nenua ki Sabji in English, is one vegetable I missed a lot when in Hyderabad. This simple nenua ki sabzi is very easy to make and is one of my favorites. Even a 15-year-old

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Khatti Meethi Karonda Sabzi Recipe | How to Make Sweet and Sour Karonda

a black bowl filled with rice and vegetables

Karonda Recipe is from Mom’s Recipe Box. Karonda ki Sabzi tastes yum when accompanied with Kachoris, as she says it. You will absolutely love it if you prefer sour food. Karonda or Crane Berry or Carissa Carandas or Cranberry is a

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Tehri in UP Style | How to Make Tehri

Here is the step by step guide to Tehri Recipe in UP (Uttar Pradesh) style. Say Tehri and I will say a Yes to cooking. Tehri is the first meal I’d learned from mom. And during my graduation days, this was one

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Veg Beetroot Biryani Recipe

red and white ceramic bowl with red sauce

Beetroot Biryani! I heard about it for the first time in Hyderabad itself. My colleague would bring in lunch. It’s tasty! I’m someone who would avoid eating beetroot raw. Even if it is served in salad, I would avoid taking it.

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