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I’m Sara Khan, the owner of Foodeez Junction. Being a foodie, I always aspired to own a restaurant. The idea is still hypothetical. I started to learn and share my cooking experiences through this food blog. Besides just sharing recipes, I want to make this blog a full-fledged Indian foodie journal. Making Foodeez Junction an all India Food Guide is something that I have dreamt of.

Yes, that’s me!

Everybody has their own ups and downs, I had mine too when the idea of either selling or closing the blog crept in as I wasn’t able to give it proper time and efforts it required. For some time the idea of selling the blog continuously appeared. While going through my plan and schedules for posts on Foodeez Junction, I came across the purpose of starting it. I shooed away the idea of selling it and now I’m again working enough, though not full time like earlier, to live up to the dream I saw for my baby blog

This food blog features recipes, reviews, interviews, press releases and news. If there’s any food event in your city or if you are organising a food event you can contact me at mail and I can update it here too.


I do restaurant reviews on Zomato and sometimes on the Blog too. I had started with Hyderabad restaurants with the first review of Four Seasons and now I am covering Lucknow restaurants too. The Restaurant PRs or the owners or the concerned person can contact me for collaboration at mail.


All the recipes, mainly Indian, mentioned here are tried and tested, the exception being the guest post. I assure you as soon as I try the recipes from the guest posts I will update on that respective post itself. If you are looking for easy-to-cook recipes, Foodeez Junction (or FJ as I call it) is the place. It is true that cooking is an art. You don’t require any degree! Patience, Focus and Practice is all that makes you a Chef! I call it a form of ‘meditation’.

Foodeez Junction is here to help you in cooking Indian cuisines. Stay calm. Make a variety of Indian dishes at your in-house party to gather the attention of your guests! Apart from recipes, I invite “the chefs”, “the cooks” and “the foodies” out there to share their experiences in cooking, and encourage the newbies to excel in this art!

Truly, I want you to be a foodie!

Right Now I’m Conducting Interviews

If you want to get featured on Foodeez Junction, email or contact me at the earliest.

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If you want to write for Foodeez Junction, you are most welcome. If you want me to review your restaurant, I will happily do it but I’ll share my own opinion and publish on FJ. I also have Press Release section, so that any restaurant in India can send their latest launch or fest story. I am open to collaborations for Foodeez Junction. For media inquiries, kindly email at mail.

I will be delighted to hear from you! Even a Hi would make our day

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It’s been two years when I started Foodeez Junction. If you could help me in running the food blog, that would be really a support.

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