How About an Oil-Free Chicken this Weekend? | Kenny Rogers Roasters Review

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The Indian Blogger Awards 2017Thank you Kenny Rogers Roasters to invite Foodeez Junction team for the review session. All opinions are 100% mine.

Till now we had heard of healthy eating with olive oil, salad, and there are countless things to add on. But what if I say healthy eating with Chicken without oil. Before you start searching a let-me-think emoticon, I suggest you to head towards Kenny Rogers Roasters in Noida! Yes KRR is now in India too!

Kenny Rogers Roasters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I’d, recently, visited Kenny Rogers Roasters (popularly called KRR) at Galleria Mall in Noida. This first flagship restaurant was opened formally on October 21, 2016. For those who do not know about Galleria Mall’s location, it is just behind The Great India Palace (TGIP) shopping mall, exact location is Gate no. 11. KRR is located on the ground floor of Galleria mall and has an ample parking space.

Facts to Know About Kenny Rogers Roasters
It has No-Flame Kitchen
– Patented Rotisserie and slow-cooking method is used; no fried food.
– Only fresh meat and salad are used.
– The Kenny Rogers Roasters’ roaster concept was first introduced in 1991 by John Y. Brown, Governor of the state of Kentucky who was also one of the original developers of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Brown teamed up with his musician friend Kenny Rogers to serve home-style family foods.
– The Kenny Rogers Roasters has entered into a master Franchisee agreement with Troika Hospitality India LLP for entering into Indian Food Loving Market.

As soon as you enter, you will receive a warm welcome and will be guided towards the table. There is enough seating space for a pack of friends. You can go there with family too. The ambience is good. The restaurant has a unique modern design that compliments the ambience.

I had Chicken meal and mango passion fruit blend in mocktail. The KRR Chicken Meal had a good portion of the protein to keep your tummy full. It consist of three side dishes – a pasta salad, green veg salad with mustard sauce topping, fresh fruit salad, and a muffin. The chicken piece with black pepper sauce was heavenly. I would strongly recommend the mango passion fruit blend as it was perfectly done, no strong flavours were added.

Coming back to the Meal, here’ my take:

Garden Salad — It was fresh. I enjoyed it with the topping of secret sweet-and-sour mustard sauce.

Pasta – it was another good food from the meal.

Fruit Salad – The cold fruits were like a zing.

The Rotisserie-roasted Chicken – This no-oil chicken is the star of the meal. Cooked to perfection, the chicken was juicy and had flavours in each bite, specially when you accompany it with the ghost black pepper sauce, it’s heavenly. The sauce, itself, was addictive.

Muffin – As we say, every meal should have a dessert, muffin is the one for this KRR meal. It was served hot. Since I was busy in enjoying the other cuisines from the platter, the muffin turned to normal temperature. It formed a crust and I was glad I didn’t had it hot, as I really liked the way I developed a thin crust, that made it crunchy from outside and soft from inside.

I was told that the chicken takes at least 45 minutes to get cooked for the meal. So, next time when you visit Kenny Rogers Roasters be prepared but the chicken is worth the wait.


Yes For –

  • Chicken Meal
  • The Mango and Passion fruit blend
  • Ambience
  • Location

No For –

  • Not this time, I’ll visit later and will let you know.

Overall Rating 4/5

If you are visiting or already have been to Kenny Rogers Rosters, I would love to hear from you.

— Images and Review Shared by Sara Khan


Did You Check Out Hard Rock’s New Menu for Veggie Lovers?

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Thank you Hard Rock Cafe, Saket, to invite FJ team for the review session. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) knows how to leave its fans in awe! This time HRC has come up with an all-new vegetarian menu. This is the first time ever that such a menu is launched only for vegetarians.

Now, you need not worry when you go to Hard Rock Cafe along with your friends, and say ‘hmmm, what should I order?’

Last time, I had updated you with a menu for non-veg lovers. Now this time, I, sincerely, commit this is one of the best and tastiest offerings. Believe me, they never compromise when it comes to taste. The menu is full of classic American flavours but is on a healthier side.

Hard Rock Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato It is October, and, so, Hard Rock is celebrating the Vegetarian Awareness Month. This month is designed to create awareness on the benefits of being a vegetarian. What began as a Vegetarian Day, has now turned in to a month-long celebration.

According to Jay Singh, Founder and Executive Director, JSM Corporation, “We are introducing this menu especially for food enthusiasts who relish vegetarian food and usually miss out on options in most meat-centric restaurants. An all green menu can also have a plethora of variety which is exactly what we are keen to portray on our plates. We have a long delectable slate with scrumptious flavours that will leave our vegetarian patrons wanting more. This will also be a great opportunity for people looking to switch to greens this season. My favourites are the perfectly crafted cocktails and we at Hard Rock Cafe are extremely excited to be presenting the #BeEdgyGoVeggie festival to our guests.”

The only sad news is this amazing menu will be only till October 31, 2016.

This time I’d visited the HRC in DLF, Saket, Delhi. I liked the ambience of Hard Rock Cafe. Many of you would have been to Select City Walk. Just walk a li’l more till DLF mall and there you go for the Cafe. Ambience, music and staff, all were awesome. May be I would find a better word to replace awesome — more than awesome 🙂

From the Menu

From the menu, I’d tried almost everything except cocktails.

Starting with what I liked the most – Mexican Quesadilla Veg Burger. This one burger is just enough to fill your stomach. It has many ingredients and when I took a full bite of the burger, it felt so heavenly. It tastes something like… you won’t forget. But do NOT try taking small bites. You won’t do justice to this heavenly burger.

The next is Goats Cheese and Cauliflower Burger. The name Cauliflower Burger was a surprise to me. Surprises, as I say, are the best. Same turned out with this burger. If you want to try something different at HRC, this Burger is the must.

La Confidential – The name suggests there is a secret sauce hidden. It has the concept of aloo (potato) patty but the this burger has two different patties with a tangy, spiced chipotle mayo, this makes La Confidential burger one of the best aloo patty burgers I had till now.

Pear Salad – This one has a mix of taste. Pear Salad, the name might not interest you but try it on my recommendation. If you love fruits, you will love this one too. This Salad is a mix of sweet, sour and slightly bitter taste. When I took the first bite, which almost had a mix of everything, I instantly loved it. I prefer it more than Pico De Quinoa Salad. This Quinoa Salad was good enough. You will like it, if you like quinoa. And then this salad has nutty flavours too.

Try it out and let me know which one you liked.

The Carnival Vegetarian Platter is enough to lift up your mood. The red rod fries rom the platter was good. I expected it to be more spicy just like the name suggests. It is good to go and is lightly hot. From the platter Bruschetta is my favourites. The perfectly right toast and the mix of tangy and cheesy toppings will leave you wanting for more.

And lastly, the only options for non-alcoholics – Beet, Orange and Ginger Juice – will definitely woo you.

As I had said in my previous review, there are many options for cocktail lovers.

HRC has launched this new menu only for veggie lovers for the first time. Do not wait for another weekend, as they say, it’s a limited period offer, ending October 31, 2016.



Food – Everything I mentioned is a must try!

Ambience – Perfect for friends, rock music lovers and HRC fans.

Location – It has ample parking space.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

— Images and Review Shared by Sara Khan


Global Ethnic Flavors are at Work at Hard Rock Cafe India

Non-Veg Platter at HRC

Thank you Hard Rock Cafe, Gurgaon, for inviting FJ team for the review session. All opinion is 100% mine.

It is the international flavors, this time, pepping up the atmosphere of Hard Rock Cafe India. Good news for all the foodies and for the HRC fans too! The Cafe is hosting an exclusive two-month-long Smoke, Fire and Spice Fest with a limited edition menu. It, specially, have global ethnic flavours and will last till September only.

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Hard Rock Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I’d, recently, visited Hard Rock Cafe in Gurgaon where Smoke, Fire and Spice Fest is going on. I don’t know about other HRCs but I loved most of the things about the Gurgaon one. It is located at DLF Cyberhub. You just need to get down at the drop point and enter the cyber hub, walk 15-20 steps and you will definitely find Hard Rock Cafe.

Upon entering, you will find the Cafe is bigger with lots of seating space on ground and first floors. The ambience and music is something you have to see and feel yourself. I won’t mention it here because just saying good, great or nice won’t do the justice!

I started with the mocktail. If you are non-alcoholic, like me, you should go for Crushed Velvet or Mango Tango – the sweet-sour mango drink with the flavours of an energy drink and lime. This would keep you energized all day. The mocktails were from the usual menu. Apart from these two if you like smoothie, you can have Wild-Berry, it’s a mix of bananas, pina colada and orange with a fresh pineapple slice on it. Drink slowly to get every flavor of this drink.

Coming back to Crushed Velvet – I was told this drink is ladies’ favourite, and mine too! The heavenly combination of raspberry syrup, pomegranate, fresh lemon juice and lemon-lime soda will leave you in awe.

As HRC calls its new menu “a sizzling tour of global spices”, I totally agree to it. The international flavours imbibed in cottage cheese and chicken in the Veg and Non-veg platters respectively will leave you wanting for more. When I say it, I really mean it.

The Menu for Smoke, Fire and Spice Fest at Hard Rock Cafe
The Menu for Smoke, Fire and Spice Fest at Hard Rock Cafe

From the new menu of Smoke, Fire and Spice Festival, I would choose non-veg platter over veg as I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian and a chicken lover. The chicken pieces were perfectly done. The juiciness of the chicken mixed with the flavours of the sauces gave the best taste I’ve ever had anywhere else. All thanks to the chefs at work at HRC.

Non-Veg Platter at HRC
Non-Veg Platter at HRC

Though I had tasted chicken made from all the sauces – Satay, Charmoula, Chimichuri, Chipotle, PiriPiri and Harissa, my strong recommendations are for Harissa and Satay. And if you like the smoky flavor, you are definitely going to enjoy Chipotle too.

Satay was “Sweet and Savoury” as it was mentioned in the menu. If you want something different, don’t miss out on this sauce. Charmoula and Chimichuri are for the ones who like plain and less spicy food.

While having PiriPiri, I enjoyed the flavours of birds eye chilly and garlic.

Warning – Harissa is too hot, watch it out. Try only if you like hot food and sauces.

Veg Fajita HRC
Veg Fajita

The sauces are same for veg platters too. If you are a vegetarian, I would recommend you to have Veg Fajita. The cottage cheese is very nicely done with the sauces and to your surprise, there is naan bread. Though it looks like Indian naan but it is very different in taste and soft in texture, and isn’t at all prepared like the ones we usually have at other restaurants.

For cocktail lovers, there are many options in the new Smoke, Fire and Spice menu. The highly recommended one by HRC staff is Triple Threat. On Fridays, post 7 o’clock, HRC’s live station is open for all the alcohol lovers where they can mix and match and make their own cocktail.

HRC is hosting this Smoky fest for the first time. Do NOT miss on this. You never know when would be the next tour to the international flavours! And do visit Hard Rock Cafe before 30th September, 2016.


Yes For –

Food and Mocktails – Non-veg Platter and Fajita, Crushed Velvet and Mango Tango

Ambience – Perfect for friends and rock music lovers

Location – DLF Cyberhub, perfect to hangout with friends

No For –

May be some other time!

Overall rating 4.5/5

If you are visiting or already have tasted from the menu of Smoke, Fire and Spice Fest at Hard Rock Cafe, I would love to hear from you. Do visit HRC by September.

— Shared by Sara Khan


Bikanervala Restaurant Review | Banjara Hills Hyderabad

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Bikanervala Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Bikanervala! I was excited to find that Bikanervala serves in Hyderabad too. I had been to Bikanervala in Delhi, now it’s Hyderabad’s turn 🙂

Bikanervala is located at Banjara Hills, one of the upmarket places in Hyderabad. There is ample of parking space provided by this restaurant.

I had visited around three to four times and every time I’d ordered dosa. The ambience is good and proper hygiene is maintained. Even the handwash area was clean, the tissues are properly arranged and kept. Upon entering the restaurant, there is a mithai (sweet) section on the right and on the left is the reception. It’s a self-service, veg restaurant.

I like the dosa they serve. It’s thin and crispy, and tasty too. So, this time, again I had ordered the same, Masala Dosa – a must try. Though the chutney flavour and sambhar might be slightly weak from the other authentic dosa restaurants, you would certainly like the crisp dosas.

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Apart from dosa, I ordered paneer pakoda, chhola bhatura, tea and jalebi. Paneer pakoda was good; the paneer in it was soft. It could have been made slightly spicy. I felt it was high-on-bland side. Or could have been served with a teekhi chutney instead of a sweet relish.

Chhola Bhatura was okay; it was served with onions and pickle. I liked chhola more than the Bhatura. Coming to Jalebi, my favourite 😀 this one food shouldn’t be missed if you are planning to visit Bikanervala. The only timings for Jalebi, as I was told, is early in the morning till 11 am. Jalebis tasted same as the one we would get in north India – crisp-yet-soft, it was well balanced with the sugar syrup. It didn’t turned soggy even after keeping for 10 minutes; I was enjoying the other delicacies 😀

I was scanning the menu for filter coffee but couldn’t find it. Since I wanted a beverage, I landed to tea. It’s good but made through vending machine. I would suggest if you aren’t craving for tea, then don’t go for it.

Bikanervala offers buffet lunch and dinner too but I never had, so couldn’t tell more about it.

A perk for ladies! There is a Mehndi wala who sits near the entrance of this restaurant.


Yes For —

  1. Food – especially Jalebis and Dosa
  2. Ambience is good; you can go with friends and family
  3. Parking Space
  4. Budget Restaurant

No For —

  1. Tea — the tea is made through vending machine, though it’s okay in taste, yet avoid it.

Overall rating 3.8/5

Let me know how was your experience when you visited this restaurant. Write to me at

— Shared by Sara Khan


N Grill Restaurant Review | Jubilee Hills Hyderabad

N Grill Restaurant Review

N Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato N Grill has always been on my restaurants’ wishlist.

The first thing I noticed upon entering was, it had ample of parking space. The digital billboard outside the Italian restaurant kept blinking and telling about the Chef’s Special for the day 🙂

N Grill is owned by Nagarjuna Akkineni (actor in Bollywood and Tollywood) and Nalla Preetham (an entrepreneur). I got to know that Nagarjuna visited N Grill the same day but in evening and I checked in to this grill and bar at 9 pm 😦 . Any chances still? 😀 😀

The guard guided me. As I entered – the huge wooden and glass door is at left – I found the place is something like “it is going to take you to a different world”. On my right there were some huge chess pieces on table. The gallery had stone walls with decorations on it at my right and wooden grilled shelves with alcohol bottles in it at left; all well lit.

Upon entering, I found there were three separate zones – outside sitting, bar area and dining area. It’s Summer, I opted for dining area. And since it was dry day, I got the place to sit immediately, else I’d heard N Grill is always full on Fridays.

It was my first visit to N Grill and the waiter suggested to try the Veg Platter. I’d ordered Veg Platter and Lasagna, and in Mocktails Summer Twist and Joyful Night. Summer Twist was Chef’s special for the Day.

I got my order within 20 minutes. Here are the details. Warning: It might leave you drooling!

When there are so many things on your plate, who cares about the weight!

Starting with Veg Platter by N Grill – it had two salads one was just steamed and was served with black peppers over it, the other one had sauces, lettuce, bell peppers and more. Mashed Potato was a melt-in-mouth delicacy. It had a creamy taste. Though the mashed potato was plain, it was just the right Italian cuisine you can have! Cottage Cheese had a great taste. Cold Tomato Chutney had a garlicy and sweet flavour. I say cold because I loved the chutney how it was. Garlic Bread, was another delight to me. I wish they had given four breads instead of two. Not that the quantity was less but the taste! Oh God! The garlic breads were crispy-yet-soft buttery affair one would want to have!

Lasagna – It was cheese, cheese, everywhere cheese! And I loved it. Perfectly cooked and the right amount for a person.

Mocktails: Joyful Night and Summer Twist both had Orange juices in them but were very different in taste and delightful too.

The ambience of any restaurant is always my second preference after food. But the ambience at N Grill, I would say was equivalent to the food; awesome. I liked their hospitality too.

If you are planning to have Italian cuisines I would highly recommend you this restaurant. Even the outside-sitting area was perfect. Had it been 29 or 30 degree, I would have opted to sit outside. N Grill is also famous for its Sunday brunches. If you go there to have a Sunday brunch, share your experiences.


Yes For –

  1. Ambience
  2. Food – a must try; even Sunday brunches too.
  3. Hospitality; it is good now but can be better.

No For –

  1. Oh, I have no reason to say a no… may be another time someday 😛

Overall Rating: 4/5

N Grill Address: Road Number 36, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500033

— Shared by Sara Khan


Four Seasons Tolichowki | Hyderabad

Lasooni Kabab at Four Seasons

4 Seasons Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Four Seasons in Hyderabad is one of the famous family restaurants. It is situated in the Yousuf Tekri area of Tolichowki, Hyderabad.

Yousuf Tekri, is well-known among Hyderabad foodies. You can get confused with so many restaurants in the circle. Four Seasons, the main branch, is one of them.

I had visited this restaurant thrice; the first and second time I had biryani at Four Seasons, which is pretty good in taste. The third time I visited, recently, to taste food other than biryani at this restaurant.

Four Seasons in Tolichowki is two-storeyed; we (I and my husband) had always preferred to sit on the first floor. As you enter, you will be greeted salam by the host and he will show the way to go on the first floor. Enter the floor and there is no greeter, you just need to open the door. The captain will guide you with the table; it was available even on a weekend around 9 pm. The ambience of the restaurant is dim-lit with the glass separations after every two tables. Though the restaurant is dim-lit, it is a modern and well-planned a.c. restaurant.

As I flipped the menu, I was really impressed by the first page that had an small introduction to Hyderabadi biryani and its origin. You can get various options on Chicken, Mutton and Sea food.

I ordered Lasooni Kebab in starter, and Matka Chicken (medium-spicy) and Tandoori Roti in main course. After 15 minutes, starters were on my table. The presentation and styling looked tempting with carrot flower and grated cabbages and green chutney. The waiter served only the kababs, and left only to help ourselves on the salad! The lasooni kabab was good in taste and you can feel each layer of the chicken kabab cooked properly, it was tender!

I was amused to see that 3-4 minutes after serving the starters, they served main course! I wasn’t expecting this so early. Any how, the food went cold by the time I finished the kababs. Previously, when I had biryani at Four Seasons, they had served onions too but I guess, they have removed it now. There was no onions or lemon salad with the food. Be prepared, if you are ordering main course, you need to spend some extra money on salad too.

The chicken was cooked just right. The gravy had more of the taste of dalchini or cinnamon. Tandoori Roti, may be hot was good, but the cold one formed crust and was slightly hard on the outer surface. Looking around, I found most of the people ordering either Khabsa or Biryani. Though I haven’t had Khabsa but the biryani is simply awesome in taste.

Talking about the quantity of the food, it’s slightly less for two people. They can serve slightly more given the price they charge for each cuisine. I didn’t ordered any dessert as I already had ice-cream waiting in my refrigerator.

If you are visiting Four Seasons in Tolichowki or at any other branch just go for the biryani. I won’t recommend matki chicken in main course.


Yes For –

  1. Biryani, I had twice, is tasty.
  2. Ambience is good.
  3. It’s a complete Family, multi-cuisine restaurant and has a parking space too!

No For –

  1. High Price and Less Quantity, not sufficient for two.
  2. Service can be improved. It is just okay and not very good.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Note: I managed to post only one photo since I, accidentally, deleted pictures from my phone; hope to post pictures whenever I visit Four Seasons again.

— Shared by Sara Khan