Arhar Dal Recipe

A Simple and Easy Way to Make Arhar Dal | How to Make Tur Dal

Arhar Dal is a very commonly cooked lentil at Indian homes, be it lunch or dinner. There are innumerous ways you can cook Arhar dal. But this simple and easy Toor/Tur or Arhar Dal is one of my favourites.

I call it an easy one because you just need to put everything in the pressure cooker and see the magic! This is simple and tasty. You can even have it instead as a pigeon pea or Arhar dal soup. Continue reading “A Simple and Easy Way to Make Arhar Dal | How to Make Tur Dal”

Punjabi Rajma Masala Curry

Punjabi Rajma Masala Curry Recipe for Main Course

Rajma is a north-Indian cuisine. This high-in-protein cuisine is also known as rajma beans, red kidney beans and cannellini beans.

Rajma is much popular among the Punjabis. There are three types of Rajma or kidney beans. One is dark red which is also known as cannellini beans and the other one is light red or pink and the third one is white in colour. The cooking time vary for all these beans. So, if you are taking white kidney beans be sure to adjust the time as it takes less time to cook. Continue reading “Punjabi Rajma Masala Curry Recipe for Main Course”

Moong Dal tadka

Moong Dal Tadka Recipe

Moong Dal Tadka Recipe is an easy dal recipe with step by step guide.

Say Moong Dal and the first impression you’ll get is – are you ill? Just because you are having moong dal! Breaking this stereotype for this mung beans or yellow lentils.

You will definitely include this dal from now on to your lunch or dinner menu. This mung dal recipe is easy to make and very light. You can have this dal as it is or can accompany it with chapatis or rice.

The tadka or tempering, we call it baghar, done with Indian spices, make it full of aroma. The flavours of Indian spices infused in moong dal tadka recipe will make you to have more. Continue reading “Moong Dal Tadka Recipe”