Ten Must-Have Drinks to Keep You Hydrated during Indian Summers

Even if you are the person who loves summers, the sweltering heat is the one thing you must be hating about it. The hotter months take a toll on each one of us, leaving our bodies sweaty and tired.

During the summer, when we move out under the sun our bodies warm up and releases certain fluids in the form of sweat. Hence, it is advised to keep our bodies well-hydrated during these days of soaring temperatures.

Although water does its task well of satiating our thirst, we also need some summery beverages to give our body that cooling effect against the scorching heat.

These drinks not only keep you hydrated but also refreshes your mood. Moreover, these are age-old beverages require some easily available ingredients and just a few minutes from your busy schedule.

Ten Must-Have Summers Drinks

So, here is a list of 10 must have drinks during summers. What are you waiting for? Let’s give them a look!


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it! Well, this isn’t just a life advice but truly a summer tip. Nimbu Pani or lemonade is one of the easiest and fastest drink to prepare. All you need is – lemons, sugar, salt and cold water. To improve its taste and refreshing component, you can add black pepper, cumin seeds or mint leaves to water, sugar and lemon mixture.

Aam Pana

Aam Panna Recipe
How to Make Aam Panna

This savoury beverage made out of ripe mangoes is perfect to beat the heat and feel light and cool. This refreshing summer cooler is prepared using ripe mango pulp, blended with cumin seeds and mint leaves, with a pinch of black pepper sprinkled over it. The zingy taste of Aam panna can keep you energized for hours. Click here for Aam Panna recipe


If you are facing digestion issues particularly during summers, then jaljeera is the best-suited drink for you. It is prepared using cumin seeds or jeera by first roasting them then making them into a coarse powder and then mix it in water. You can also buy a readymade jaljeera masala from the market and prepare your glass of goodness.

Sattu Sharbat

A truly desi summer beverage, sattu can keep your body refresh even during the hottest days. Apart from hydrating, sattu has many benefits to serve. It is made using sattu flour, sugar (or salt for savoury flavour) and water. Moreover, since it is also quite filling, a glass of Sattu sharbat is good to keep you energized for hours.

Coconut water

Cucumber Coconut Water Drink

Mildly sweet taste and refreshing aroma of coconut water can easily give you ease from the summer blues. Moreover, it makes for an electrolyte and, hence, a great option to go for when you feel dehydrated. Click Here for Cucumber Coconut Water Recipe

Sugarcane juice

The sugarcane juice is one remedy to many problems – making for an amazing energy drink, building up plasma and body fluids and eradicating dullness. To improve the refreshing taste of your sugarcane juice, you can add a pint of mint leaves.


This summer special drink made out of milk (curd) is packed with all the nutrients essential to our body during this hot and sunny weather. Being a traditionally approved summer drink It is definitely favourite of many Indians. Buttermilk or Chhas is good for digestive system. You can add cumin seeds or jeera to enhance its taste.


The name is enough to let you think about its creamy texture and sweet and sour taste. This yoghurt-based summer cooler is good to go to not only survive the heat but also revitalise your body. A glass of authentic lassi, topped with a layer of malai makes the drink all the more luscious and fulfilling.

Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon Mint Cooler
Watermelon Mint Cooler

This refreshing summer fruit makes for a super refreshing drink called Watermelon Mojito. Simply, squeeze out the juice of watermelon and read the recipe here to make the perfect summer drink. You can also go to a nearby juice shop or a café to savour this thirst quenching drink.

Barley water

This beverage is not only a summer drink but also known to be a promising remedy for an overall good health. To prepare the drink, all you need is pearl barley, salt, lemon, honey and water.

These summer coolers soothe the body from within and also restore the lost energy during the long and messy days. So, this summer, try not to miss out on any one of them, and also share with us which one is your favourite.

Who Says No To Maggi Noodles? | Product Review

Maggi Noodles – the ultimate refuge of a hosteler or a bachelor I must say. To celebrate whatsoever the occasion is we start with “let’s make Maggi first.” I don’t know what seductive ingredient it has, but surely the Nestle India gets a lot of blessings of people especially in India for providing us with a remedy for our hunger pangs, and it’s easy to make!

Well, how many of you had actually made Maggi noodles in two minutes, as Nestle claims? I couldn’t and I would not try to make it in two minutes! Who is going to spoil the real taste? Certainly, I make it in Indian style. But this discussion will come later on (you need to scroll below).

For now, starting the food product review, I want to tell you why I chose Maggi today. I was uncertain of what to write in the reviews. I already have a schedule of all the food products yet I didn’t feel like reviewing them first. I randomly type on Amazon.in “FOOD”, and guess what, it was Maggi in the first place at Rs. 86. I wonder who orders Maggi online?? Really, if you know someone I want to know too. I’m still wondering 😛

Which one I like most out of Oats, Atta and Maggi Masala? I like the Atta Noodles. I give preference to the Maggi Atta Noodles over its other variations.

Why I would recommend you to keep Maggi in you Kitchen closet?

Maggie Product Review Foodeez Junction

Of course, it’s the ultimate option to fill your stomach when you are in no mood of cooking anything else. I know most of us tried not to miss it when there were remarks about lead content kept rolling on in the news a few years back. Nestle made a move and saved itself as well as us! It tastes quite different from all other noodles present in the market, to name I had tried Yippie noodles and Top Ramens. If I need to rank them I’ll keep Maggie on 1, second place for Yippie and the third for Top Ramens (I, somehow, don’t like it).

Coming to its nutritional value – as mentioned on the Maggi pack, the 70 gm pack of the noodles contain 15% iron. It also constitutes palm oil, an ingredient that reduces cholesterol level, boosts brain health and enhances Vitamin A status. I am not saying it’s a healthy option as Maggi noodles are fried, that’s why the company claims that you can make it within two minutes.

Easy Peasy Indian Style Recipe for Maggi Noodles

There are ‘n’ number of ways in which you can make these Maggi noodles. If you too have a unique recipe and want to share with us here, you can write to me at foodeezjunction@gmail.com and I will publish it in your name of course.

Here’s the Indian-style Healthy (trying to be) recipe for Maggie Noodles.

In a wok take half tablespoon mustard oil. Heat it for a minute. Add chopped onions; saute till light brown. Add 1/2 teaspoon of ginger-garlic paste and saute for 10 seconds. Add chopped tomatoes and stir fry. Keep the ratio of onions to tomatoes as 1:2. Once the tomatoes soften, you can add veggies like chopped green pepper, green peas, chopped beans, chopped carrots and sliced mushrooms. Adding veggies depends on the availability and your choice. Add noodles, 1/4 teaspoon pickle masala and half of the Maggi masala from the sachet. Saute for a minute on low flame. Add water and the rest of the Maggi Masala, and cover the lid. Let it cook till the noodles get soften. That’s it, Maggi is ready.

I will share the detailed recipe in my upcoming posts.

Tip: Do not let the Maggi rest in the pan, else someone else will eat it! On a serious note, do not let the noodles rest as it becomes puffy. You might not want to eat them. Add more water for soupy noodles.

Watch Rockhy and Mayur having the comfort food – Maggi Noodles

From where you can buy Maggi?

Check your kitchen closet… you might be having a packet now! Or the grocery store next to your building area Or yes Amazon! Still, I want to know who orders it online?

I would want to know why do you love Maggi and if you could share me your secret recipe… shhh everything is secret on social media 😀 you can share with #foodeezjunction or tag @foodeezjunction on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

I think you would want to see these updates from the Maggi noodle lovers.

This post may contain affiliate links to help me pay my bills and to keep your favourite blog running smoothly.

— Review Shared by Sara Khan

How to Make Lauki ki Sabzi | Easy Recipe for Bottlegourd

Lauki! Many people would make face like this. I couldn’t find the best face than this as I remember a few from my family itself making faces when they hear its lauki ki sabzi in lunch today. Lauki or bottle gourd veggie is common in most of the Indian houses. There are variations like some make lauki ki tamatar wali sabzi, lauki ka kofta and sometimes the plain and simple one lauki ki sabzi, the recipe for which I am sharing here. This is simple, healthy and can be made within fifteen minutes. So, if you are in a hurry for office, you can make this easily and pack in your lunchbox. Continue reading How to Make Lauki ki Sabzi | Easy Recipe for Bottlegourd

Chicken Bean Soup Recipe Made with Ray Cooking Spray | Product Review

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you Ray cooking spray (LB Industries PVT Ltd) team to send the product for review. All opinion is 100% mine.

This is the perfect time to review Ray cooking spray! I, recently, underwent gall bladder surgery and, thus, was advised to have less spicy and less oily food. Post surgery, I had to take just 2-3 teaspoons of oil in a day. Meanwhile, I got the Ray cooking spray Sunflower oil to be reviewed. Isn’t it the perfect time? Continue reading Chicken Bean Soup Recipe Made with Ray Cooking Spray | Product Review

Sweet Potato Chat, Street-Food Style | Shakarkand ki Chat

Dieting?? Nah! It’s not meant for me. But the thought of putting on weight always haunts me. Is that your problem too?

I, once, had this dieting thing on my mind but healthy diet. And so, one of my friends recommended to have sweet potato chat. In delhi, Sweet potato Chat or Shakarkand ki Chat is a street food. Continue reading Sweet Potato Chat, Street-Food Style | Shakarkand ki Chat

Soybean Kabab Sandwich Recipe and a News to Share!

Weekends are special. Isn’t it? You get to watch movies, shop and hop to food joints and may be plan a short tour. Last weekend was as special to me too!

The food blog nominations have been announced, and Foodeez Junction is nominated among the Debut Blogs of the Year, 2016 by the FBAI (Food Bloggers Association, India). Continue reading Soybean Kabab Sandwich Recipe and a News to Share!

Caramelised Cornflakes Namkeen

I had shared Cornflakes Namkeen mixture recipe, months back. This Caramelised Cornflakes Namkeen is another version which I’d experimented yesterday and it was successful. Continue reading Caramelised Cornflakes Namkeen

Brownies for Weight-Watchers! This is How to Make Espresso Walnut Brownie at Home

What does a good start of the day mean to you? It’s a perfect cup of coffee, isn’t it? or the tea lovers would say a perfect cup of tea! What if we accompany it with a yummy Sugar-free Espresso Walnut Brownie? Healthy treat!!

Here’s the Recipe for Espresso Walnut Brownie by Mark from MoreFlavour. This is a guest post. Scroll down to know more about Mark. Continue reading Brownies for Weight-Watchers! This is How to Make Espresso Walnut Brownie at Home

Cucumber Coconut Water Drink for Summer

Adding more to the Summer recipes, here is another drink for the season – Cucumber Coconut Water Drink.

You can call it a Cucumber drink or a Cucumber Mojito too. It’s simple to make and keeps you cool and stomach light. This is a five-minute recipe. You will enjoy making and drinking it 🙂

Coconut Water or Nariyal pani is one of the best and natural drinks that is fat and cholesterol free. It has so many health benefits that you cannot ignore. Coconut Water helps in weight loss, digestion, reduces blood pressure and hydrates the body. Being in Hyderabad, it’s one of the plus points that I can have nariyal pani in abundance. And so here is one of the recipes with it. Continue reading Cucumber Coconut Water Drink for Summer

Aam Panna Recipe | Have This Summer Drink for Healthy Reasons

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Aam Panna or the green raw mango drink is considered as a health tonic which should be taken at least once in a day during summers.

If you are still having those ready-to-drink aam panna, shun it right now. Raw mangoes are already in town and you can make fresh mango drink out of it ‘with no added preservatives’. Continue reading Aam Panna Recipe | Have This Summer Drink for Healthy Reasons

Honey-Glazed Roasted Nuts for Snacks, 10-Minute Recipe

Here is an easy and healthy recipe, Honey-Glazed Roasted Nuts, which include the dry fruits and honeyt. You can serve them in snacks.

Honey-glazed roasted nuts is as simple recipe and can be made with just a few ingredients available in your kitchen cupboard. I love this snack, the reason being it’s easy, less time taking and involves dry fruits. You might have noticed, when you visit family and friends, they sometimes just keep dry fruits in front of you in a serving tray. I never supported this idea of presenting the plain dry fruits. This is the main reason why I’m writing the roasted nuts recipe today. I usually munch the dry fruits while working, it’s healthy and you need not just take the plain dry fruits from now on. Continue reading Honey-Glazed Roasted Nuts for Snacks, 10-Minute Recipe

Moong Dal Tadka Recipe

Moong Dal Tadka Recipe is an easy dal recipe with step by step guide.

Say Moong Dal and the first impression you’ll get is – are you ill? Just because you are having moong dal! Breaking this stereotype for this mung beans or yellow lentils.

You will definitely include this dal from now on to your lunch or dinner menu. This mung dal recipe is easy to make and very light. You can have this dal as it is or can accompany it with chapatis or rice.

The tadka or tempering, we call it baghar, done with Indian spices, make it full of aroma. The flavours of Indian spices infused in moong dal tadka recipe will make you to have more. Continue reading Moong Dal Tadka Recipe

Fruit Chat, a Quick and Easy Recipe

Fruit Chat Recipe is quick and easy to make. You can have it in snacks, before evening tea 🙂

Say Chat and you will see our brightened faces – that’s how we react on the word Chat! But this Fruit chat recipe is very different from a typical chat like aloo tikki, dahi puri, pani puri and more.

The fruit chat has sweet and tangy taste. Try it out once and I’m sure you’ll love it. The fruit chat recipe is super easy and quick to make. It can be made within 15 minutes if you are good and fast at cutting the fruits 🙂

This easy and colourful cuisine is popular by the name of fruit chat in north India and in the rest of India, it is also known as fruit salad. Call it fruit chat or fruit salad, you’ll get addicted to this snack, I’m sure. Continue reading Fruit Chat, a Quick and Easy Recipe