Egg Curry Recipe

Egg curry with Potato

Egg curry with Potato is an awesome dish for your family and takes less time to cook. It is a north-Indian dish but some call it a Pakistani dish. Eggs, one of the main ingredients, of this dish can be found easily. It’s commonly used around the world and most of the times as breakfast or snacks. But here we are going to make a main course with this combination of Eggs and potatoes.

This dish is made by boiled eggs, by adding different spices and potatoes in it. This Egg curry is quite simple in cooking. It really doesn’t look though! This dish do not contain too much or any special ingredients for cooking. You can increase the ingredients according to the servings.

When you cook this dish it gives a pleasing taste to your tongue. If nothing is coming in your mind what to cook you can make this dish within half an hour. Let’s start cooking, have a look at the recipe card.

So, here is your Recipe for a splendid egg curry with potato. Continue reading “Egg curry with Potato”