Craving for mouth-watering but hygienic alternatives to street-side offerings?

Hot samosas, crispy cutlets, spicy chaats, steaming momos, the onset of monsoons are sure to have you craving for more of these. If anxiety and concern over the hygiene of street-side food and their ingredients, is stopping you from enjoying a few delectable snacks, you have an irresistible option in Sumeru’s new frozen momos.

Be it a more nutritious option for your child’s snack box or an appetising tea-time snack on a rainy evening or even a quick mid-morning byte, Sumeru’s authentic Himalayan dumplings or the popular momos is what you can have anytime and anywhere, without having to worry about both hygiene and nutrition.

Sumeru Momo Launch Foodeez Junction
Sumeru Momo Launch Foodeez Junction

Sumeru’s frozen momos range include both chicken momos and veg momos and are available in convenient 200 gm packs with eight momos inside a pack, priced attractively at Rs 115/- and Rs 95/- respectively. They come along with a spicy, hot-dip and a microwavable tray. The chicken momos are a simple, flavourful, minced chicken mixture enclosed in refined flour dough and steamed, while the veg momos are steamed dumplings stuffed with a lightly, spiced vegetable filling. The momos can either be steamed for 8-9 minutes, microwaved for 2-3 minutes or even deep fry-able !

“We are excited about the launch of our momos”, says Sumeru’s Vice President Sivakumar K. Considering the fast-paced, hectic schedules most urban Indians go through, they need nutritious, convenient snack options, which can fuel them through the day. Momos that have been growing in their popularity across Indian metros are an apt addition to our range of healthier and easy snack options, such as rolls, parathas and kebabs.”

Sumeru Momo Launch Foodeez Junction
Sumeru Momo Launch Foodeez Junction

Sumeru’s R&D -Head Chef Ravindranath Chatterjee adds, “What clearly differentiates our momos is the flavour and the quality of ingredients. The momos are made from carefully sourced produce and cooked to perfection along with fresh vegetables or chicken, flavoured with a secret combination of spices. They are then frozen using the latest IQF technology, to lock in the goodness and nutrition of the meal. These dumplings can also be used as a deep frying option perfect for rainy evenings. Crunchy and fried deep- this healthy snack has always been a favourite to the consumers.”

Sumeru’s frozen veg and chicken momos are available at leading supermarket chains and stores across the metro cities besides big basket and grofers.

Sumeru is India’s leading exclusive Frozen Food brand, owned by Innovative Foods Limited (IFL), a major player in the Indian food processing industry since 1989.

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