How to Make Namak Para | Namak Pare Recipe for Snacks

Diwali is nearing, and again it’s the time when you start planning ahead for Diwali recipes. This festive season, you can add Namak Pare to the snacks list. Namak pare are easy to make and I’m sure, when you make the snacks with this namak pare recipe, you are definitely going to pat yourself! It’s easy-to-make and simple recipe. Continue reading “How to Make Namak Para | Namak Pare Recipe for Snacks”

Snacks Time! A Quick Recipe for Sweet Corn Chat

Sweet Corn Chat is one of the easiest snacks to make. I would call it a recipe for those who have just started to cook. It’s easy!

You can bookmark this recipe for the time when the guests pay you a visit at home. A healthy snack for munching while chatting with your guests at home. Continue reading “Snacks Time! A Quick Recipe for Sweet Corn Chat”

Introducing Your Sweet Obsession – Apple and Walnut Pie Nacho Crumble | Recipe by HRC India

The most unique dessert awaits you – Apple and Walnut Pie Nacho Crumble! Head to Hard Rock Cafe India and indulge! Available for a short time only.

This video was shared to Foodeez Junction by team Hard Rock Cafe India. Continue reading “Introducing Your Sweet Obsession – Apple and Walnut Pie Nacho Crumble | Recipe by HRC India”

Sweet Potato Recipe

Sweet Potato Chat, Street-Food Style | Shakarkand ki Chat

Dieting?? Nah! It’s not meant for me. But the thought of putting on weight always haunts me. Is that your problem too?

I, once, had this dieting thing on my mind but healthy diet. And so, one of my friends recommended to have sweet potato chat. In delhi, Sweet potato Chat or Shakarkand ki Chat is a street food. Continue reading “Sweet Potato Chat, Street-Food Style | Shakarkand ki Chat”

Recipe: Mushroom ke Galouti Kebab

When I got to know that mushrooms are a good source of Vitamin D, I immediately jumped on buying it Though I bought them to make soup, I ended up in making mushroom galouti kebabs. Well that’s because I was craving for kababs 😛 …

Mushroom galouti kebab is a vegetarian delight! If you want to treat a vegan, make some mushroom kebabs for them. And let them guess what are the main ingredients. I’m sure the answer won’t be any near to the main ingredient. Continue reading “Recipe: Mushroom ke Galouti Kebab”

Dahi phulki

Dahi Phulki Recipe – Light and Easy to Make

This Dahi Phulki recipe is one of the easiest and can be made in 20-25 minutes in snacks. The time is maximum, you can make in less time too. Yes, it is that easy! And it is very different in taste if we compare it with Dahi Vada. The main ingredients are dahi (curd), besan (gram flour) and Imli ki chutney. It is very light and yummy in taste and a sort of ‘jhatpat’ dish. Dahi phulki is much common during Ramadan. You’ll find it as a daily dish during ramadan at many homes. Continue reading “Dahi Phulki Recipe – Light and Easy to Make”

Kothimbir Vadi

Maharashtrian Fritters – Kothimbir Vadi Recipe

Does the very sight of Peanuts, Pakoras or cutlets put you off? Looking for something interesting for an evening snack or planning a cocktail party? Here is a fun idea to make something a little different from the normal run-of-the-mill bites. Kothimbir vadi, an authentic Maharashtrian snack will give you the much needed kink. These fritters promise a burst of flavours and textures setting you on an amazing palate journey. The Maharashtrian cuisine  known for its unique and bold combination of spices and flavours has been an inherent part of Indian cuisine known world wide, from Poha and misal pav to pav bhaji!! Today let’s lay our hands on “Kothimbir Vadi”, and see how different and interesting it is from the rest! Continue reading “Maharashtrian Fritters – Kothimbir Vadi Recipe”

Recipe: Labnani Kebab Lollipops

Labnani kebab is served as an appetizer or sometimes snacks too. This non-veg Labnani kebab is famous for its magnificent taste. Not much ingredients are used in this kebab. So it is easy to make and yummy as the rest of the kebabs. I’ve learned to make Labnani Kabab from my mother, so you can call it as mom’s recipe. And we know, when it comes to moms – who are the best chefs – even a simple khichdi would taste yumm.

I made Labnani Kebab recently and my 8-year-old daughter, who is very much fussy about food, loved it. A miracle indeed! She asked me to serve these Kebabs twice and to my surprise, she asked me to pack Labnani Kabab for school lunch box too. My li’l princess described Labnani Kebab I’d made as “Wow”, “Tasty!”… “Yummmmyyy”. These words made me more proud on my cooking skills. And so, this Mother’s recipe of Labnani Kebab is a hit; not in my family but among my friends too! Continue reading “Recipe: Labnani Kebab Lollipops”

Bread Poha made at Home

Bread Poha, a hosteler’s delight

When you stay in a hostel, out of so many things on your mind there is always one thing that tops the list. And that is Homemade FOOD. Well, if you have just started to learn how to cook or if you are bored of having same old bread and butter in breakfast, give it a new twist! You just need some basic veggies and bread and there you are! Ready to cook a healthy breakfast, Bread Poha.

You can have this Bread Poha in snacks too. It just takes 30 minutes to cook this healthy dish.

Let’s have a look on how this healthy Bread Poha is made:

This recipe will serve 4 people; you can increase the amount of ingredients accordingly. Continue reading “Bread Poha, a hosteler’s delight”