Aloo Palak

Simple Aloo Palak ki Sabzi | How to Cook a No-Onion Simple Aloo Palak Sabzi

Palak or Spinach is very healthy and nutritious and since Winter season is at doors, we will get a lot of fresh spinach at the veggie markets. I’m sharing one of the best and simple recipes you can make from spinach – Simple Aloo Palak ki Sabzi. Continue reading “Simple Aloo Palak ki Sabzi | How to Cook a No-Onion Simple Aloo Palak Sabzi”

Aloo Kachori

Aloo ki Kachori – a Special Holiday Snack

Aloo ki kachori is typically a north Indian dish. You can take it in snacks and if you are a kachori lover, you would definitely want to have it in breakfasts too.

Kachori is a deep fried, crispy and flaky pastry, similar to samosa. But it is different in shape and taste, and the ingredients too. You can make kachoris from peas, aloo, moong dal, urad dal or keema stuffing. I chose to make and share aloo kachori recipe as potatoes are my daughter’s favourite. Continue reading “Aloo ki Kachori – a Special Holiday Snack”

Aloo Tamatar ki Sabzi Recipe

Aloo Tamatar ki Sabzi Recipe

Aloo tamatar ki sabzi recipe is one of the easiest. Aloo tamatar ki sabzi is a great combination of cooked veggies potato and tomato.

If you are in a hurry and are getting late for work, you can cook this dish within 15 minutes or less than that. Yes, I’m right! All you have to do is to peel and cut the potatoes in small cubes and pressure cook it by adding tomatoes with onion, green chillies and coriander. And Salt too!

Tomatoes give a taste of sourness to the dish which takes the dish to another level. Potato is a healthy vegetable as it contains lots of vitamins. Continue reading “Aloo Tamatar ki Sabzi Recipe”

Aloo poha recipe

Fried Aloo Poha Recipe

This is another variation of Poha, you can call it batata poha or aloo poha as we will be adding aloo in this recipe. If you are using sugar as one of the ingredients, this dish turns into Gujarati style Poha. Adding sugar is completely optional. You can skip it.

Kids too love this fried aloo poha recipe. Serve them with sauce, they will love it.

Maharashtrians serve poha with coconut chutney. They call this dish as batata poha or sometimes kanda batata poha. Kanda is onion and batata is potato or aloo.

Have kanda batata poha the Maharashtrian style i.e., with coconut chutney and let us know 🙂 Continue reading “Fried Aloo Poha Recipe”