How to Make Mixed Veg Rolls

Mixed Veg Rolls and Kebabs Recipe

Mixed Veg Rolls and Kebabs are an amazing snacks or side dish, specially for kids. You can serve the veg kebabs as starters by making it in the shape of kebabs. It is purely an Indian dish. Mixed Veg Rolls are made with many vegetables. You can give variations to the mixed veg kebab by adding many other vegetables that are easily available in market.

If you are health conscious, instead of deep frying, you can shallow fry. The scrumptious taste of the mixed veg rolls or kebabs are everlasting. Continue reading “Mixed Veg Rolls and Kebabs Recipe”

Recipe: Mushroom ke Galouti Kebab

When I got to know that mushrooms are a good source of Vitamin D, I immediately jumped on buying it Though I bought them to make soup, I ended up in making mushroom galouti kebabs. Well that’s because I was craving for kababs 😛 …

Mushroom galouti kebab is a vegetarian delight! If you want to treat a vegan, make some mushroom kebabs for them. And let them guess what are the main ingredients. I’m sure the answer won’t be any near to the main ingredient. Continue reading “Recipe: Mushroom ke Galouti Kebab”

Recipe: Labnani Kebab Lollipops

Labnani kebab is served as an appetizer or sometimes snacks too. This non-veg Labnani kebab is famous for its magnificent taste. Not much ingredients are used in this kebab. So it is easy to make and yummy as the rest of the kebabs. I’ve learned to make Labnani Kabab from my mother, so you can call it as mom’s recipe. And we know, when it comes to moms – who are the best chefs – even a simple khichdi would taste yumm.

I made Labnani Kebab recently and my 8-year-old daughter, who is very much fussy about food, loved it. A miracle indeed! She asked me to serve these Kebabs twice and to my surprise, she asked me to pack Labnani Kabab for school lunch box too. My li’l princess described Labnani Kebab I’d made as “Wow”, “Tasty!”… “Yummmmyyy”. These words made me more proud on my cooking skills. And so, this Mother’s recipe of Labnani Kebab is a hit; not in my family but among my friends too! Continue reading “Recipe: Labnani Kebab Lollipops”

Soybean Kabab Recipe

SOYBEAN Kabab or Soya Kabab is a much popular dish among vegetarians. Soya, which is highly rich in protein, is a famous among Indians, Pakistanis and Afghanistanis.

Soybean Kababs are served as starter, side dish or as snacks. It is believed that soybean protein is equal to the protein found in meat.

I’d made Soybean Kababs in my daughter’s birthday party and earned many praises. I’m much cautious of kids’ health, thus, this nutrient Soybean Kababs became the part of the menu in my daughter’s birthday party. Kids, too, liked it very much and were asking for more kababs!

Soybean Shami Kabab, as it is called, is made by shallow frying. It is totally a vegetarian dish and very easy to make. Those who don’t want to eat non-veg kababs can replace it with soya kababs.

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To give variations to the burgers you make at home, you can use soybean kabab in place of aloo tikki or chicken tikka. It tastes extremely amazing.  Continue reading “Soybean Kabab Recipe”