Recipe: Labnani Kebab Lollipops

Labnani kebab is served as an appetizer or sometimes snacks too. This non-veg Labnani kebab is famous for its magnificent taste. Not much ingredients are used in this kebab. So it is easy to make and yummy as the rest of the kebabs. I’ve learned to make Labnani Kabab from my mother, so you can call it as mom’s recipe. And we know, when it comes to moms – who are the best chefs – even a simple khichdi would taste yumm.

I made Labnani Kebab recently and my 8-year-old daughter, who is very much fussy about food, loved it. A miracle indeed! She asked me to serve these Kebabs twice and to my surprise, she asked me to pack Labnani Kabab for school lunch box too. My li’l princess described Labnani Kebab I’d made as “Wow”, “Tasty!”… “Yummmmyyy”. These words made me more proud on my cooking skills. And so, this Mother’s recipe of Labnani Kebab is a hit; not in my family but among my friends too! Continue reading “Recipe: Labnani Kebab Lollipops”