This Burrito Restaurant Serves 100% Vegetarian and Jain Mexican Flavours!

Lodged in the middle of the city that never sleeps, yet far away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai is a heaven for foodies. It’s where the ambience is always vivacious, the feel is effortlessly unassuming and the good vibes are palpable. This is NYBC – New York Burrito Company.

The menu at NYBC is a melting pot of ancient Mexican recipes and modern innovation. We serve, carefully crafted yet bold flavoured, rooted in tradition, adventuring into contemporary Indian palette, Mexican treats. NYBC blends the earthy tastes of Mexico with Indian ingredients and creative cooking techniques to create contemporary Mexican cuisine that will make you say ‘Te Quiero’.

Having stayed in New York and living on Mexican food, Senil (Founder) missed it a lot when he moved back to India.

Soon, he figured a way to enjoy authentic Mexican food back at home. But this time, he wanted everyone back at home to relish drool-worthy Mexican food as well.

So Senil opened the doors to drool-worthy Mexican food for everyone. And thus, New York Burrito Company (NYBC) was born.

Senil doesn’t only aim to serve great food but also promote local farmers. The Globetrotter has been associated with the hospitality business for several years and has always appreciated and enjoyed the diversity in food.

NYBC promises to offer lip-smacking food with an Indian twist. Get ready to fall in love with our 100% Vegetarian as well as Jain Mexican flavours that are as authentic as the ones you will get at any Mexican joint in New York.

Today NYBC has 14 outlets spread across Mumbai and is in the process of opening many more. In the last three years, NYBC has gone from strength to strength.  While it has also faced its own set of challenges it has always come out on top.

2020 brought with itself the most unique challenge that NYBC or rather the industry ever faced, but even during such uncertain times, the growth of NYBC was not hindered. NYBC opened 5 new outlets during this period and added many new products to the menu.

While NYBC is proud of the internal family that stuck with the brand during the lows, the reason NYBC could pull this success story is mainly because of the patrons who believed in the brand and trusted us always serve them hygienic, safe and untouched food.

The Road ahead for NYBC is clear and the run has just begun, NYBC hopes to Open 500 outlets across India by the end of 2024 and bring delicious authentic Mexican food to every corner of the country

Enough said, why don’t you check out yourself and comment below, and let us know how did you like it?

New York Burrito Company,



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