Did You Check Out Hello Panda’s New Monsoon Menu by Chef Vikramjit Roy?

Imagine a menu that conjures the joy of monsoons deep down in your soul. Where every bite is a testament to a season we as Indian’s wait for eagerly. When crops blossom and the breeze cools the parched earth. Hello Panda has brought together that Indian mood of monsoon with signature Asian flavours specially curated by Chef Vikramjit Roy. This exclusive menu showcases scrumptious and flavour-packed dishes that are an ode to the glorious rains. The entire monsoon menu is based on 3 food-related aspects of the season.

Monsoon is the time to indulge in fried delicacies such as fries, pakodas, bhajias, etc. Hello Panda has taken that sentiment and has created baked goodies that are both healthy and addictive, like the Shao Mai croissants – the stuffing is made on the lines of a Shao Mai or open-faced dumplings and the puff is based on the French classic Croissants.

The second aspect is corn and the very special and indigenous Himachali Chillies –

Corn is very synonymous with the rains – whether it is chargrilled corn on the cob or boiled/steamed corn kernels with herbs & spices. They have used these aspects and created Crispy Corn Kernels & Sticky buffalo wings glazed with kochujang (Korean chilli paste) & steamed corn on the cob. Himachali Sweet peppers are very seasonal and available only for a specific period of the monsoon, so to give a taste of these unique colourful chillies which are actually a little sweet in taste, they just had to be on the menu.

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The third aspect is the feeling of comfort that one has when they sit by their window and watch the soft drizzle on the window pane. Hello Panda has tried to capture these sentiments and create dishes which evoke such nostalgia with the feeling of comfort. Krapow – which is minced meat (or vegetables) tossed with basil, birds eye chilli, herbs & spices is the essence of this feeling. It is one of the most comforting Thai dishes where the heat of the bird eye chillies marries beautifully with the cool rain.

How can a menu be complete without dessert? There too, the chef has included an element of heat to warm the heart while it’s cool outside. The Boozy Tiramisu with Sichuan peppercorn dust is a perfect end to the monsoon meal.

You can order this delicious menu through Hello Panda’s official website and through their delivery partners Swiggy, Zomato & Eazy Diner!