Know Your Kitchen And The Basics

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If you believe in Everybody Should Cook, irrespective of Gender, then go ahead and read this post.

This “Know-Your-Kitchen” page discusses about the basic things required to set up an Indian kitchen and cooking tips.

I had always thought to work on this category first and then hop on to more recipes. Since I was already enjoying the cooking and reviewing part, I somehow kept delaying it.

Before proceeding, I would like to introduce you to me, Sara, your foodie friend! The story is… before my marriage, my condition was same like many of you. I didn’t know how to cook as I was away from home, focusing on my career in journalism and studies. I had always been a foodie so I’d loved to eat food at various restaurants. I developed this taste for food in my early years. My parents were the reason. Daddy always sensed in the dinners or lunches that something was wrong. And mom would make the best food ever. Even my father would cook at times, what I call it – a Perfect Dinner.

My mom had always wanted me to focus on my studies and career rather than kitchen. This part is important because I belong to a society where people will be behind you asking “Do you know how to cook?” Something that pissed me off because for this part of society Kitchen and Cooking is directly proportional to Girls!! Seriously?

I started cooking because I have discovered a secret. I find peace when I cook. I’ve become more focused and patient.

Would you mind taking out a minute and writing to me why do you love cooking? This will help me know you, my foodie friend, and connect with you 🙂

I won’t recommend you to read more if you have come here to solve the purpose of what society says, if you are a girl. I want you to know these basics because they are necessary not only for gals but for the guys too.

Soon after my marriage, when I and my husband had to do grocery shopping, we bought 80% of junk food – maggie packets, bread, butter and everything that was ready to eat – in the first month. He too had stayed away from home. Both the moms came to our rescue for the next few months.

In September 2015, I took charge and started cooking on my own – some serious cooking! While we already had a cook at home, I couldn’t help myself but cooking as it satiated my taste buds.

Initially, when anything would go bad – in worst case burns – my husband would come to rescue, still he does. But it’s him who taught me to be patient and to “stay focused”. I soon realized, I started to cook everyday as it would give me peace and trust me cooking is a lot of fun.

If you ask me “What do you do on weekends?” My answer: “We Cook together”.

In his words: Cooking is a science!

And as I dive deep into the cooking techniques, I agree with him.

I’m not a born cook neither I’m a professional chef. I’m just here serving you a cup of tea with some useful Kitchen tips 🙂 . Treat this as your Guide to the basic Kitchen and Cooking Essentials.

This will be helpful to you if:

  • You are setting up a Home, all by yourself
  • A groom or bride-to-be/Newly-wed
  • You have just started to Cook food
  • You want to Help your Mom/Dad in Kitchen

If you want something in specific in this category, you can always reach me out at

Or if you have a story to share on your first cooking experience, write to me. I’ll add it here.. along with mine, with your name.



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