Rajasthani Special Churma Laddoo Recipe

Rajasthani Special Churma Laddoo Recipe is shared by Chef Padma Singhvi. The Churma Laddoos are best served with dal and baati; it’s a unique and special western Indian cuisine.

Ingredients (12-15 Medium Size Laddoos)
• Cup Size: 200 Gms
• Whole-wheat flour (Atta) – 2 Cups
• Ghee (for Shortening / Moen) – ½ Cup
• Chopped Cashews and Almonds – 1 small bowl each
• Gond (Edible Gum) – 2 Tablespoon
• Powdered Sugar – ¾ Cup / **if you do not want to use Sugar use 1 cup crushed Jaggery.
• Ghee for Frying – 2 Cups
• Warm Water as required
• Few Saffron petals and half-cut almonds for garnishing

• Take Whole-wheat flour (Atta) in a big wide bowl
• Add ½ Cup ghee for Shortening (Moen) in it and mix well with your hand properly
• Pour warm water to knead the flour into a stiff dough and keep it aside for 20 min.
• Now divide the dough into 8-10 equal portions, press into the fist (Mutthiya), and flatten it.
• Take a frying pan (Kadhai) and heat 2 cups of ghee. Now fry 3-4 portions at a time on medium flame until it turns golden.
• Take it out of the kadhai and let it cool.
• In the same frying pan, fry gond and keep it aside.
• Now take these 8-10 cooled portions, crumble it, and grind into a powder using a mixer.
• Now sieve the Churma powder through a big hole strainer and separate the thick granules. Grind the thick granules again and repeat this.
• Now take a kadhai and roast the Churma powder on a slow flame for few minutes. Add 5 tablespoon of Ghee (You can use the leftover ghee from the previous process of frying). Roast it until the powder turns golden and nice aroma is obtained. Switch off the flame.
• Let it cool. After it is cooled, add chopped almonds, cashew nuts, powdered sugar and crushed fried gond. Mix all properly and make medium size Laddoos.
• Garnish the laddoos with half-cut Almond and Saffron petals. Enjoy the Delicious and tasty Laddoos.
*To check the consistency of ingredients mixture, make one Laddoo. If it binds well the mixture is ready. If it does not, add some more ghee to bind and make the laddoo.
** If you are using Jaggery, take a kadhai and put 1 cup crushed jaggery in it. Put one teaspoon ghee in it and let it melt on a slow flame. After it is melted, let it cool. Mix it as stated in place of powdered sugar.

About the Chef

Hi, this is Padma Singhvi from Mumbai with my roots from Rajasthan. I am a Company secretary by qualification and a homemaker. Cooking has been my passion. I started my youtube channel @padmascuisiineclub experimenting and adding innovative proposition to my recipes making it unique. I try to keep the approach simple and easy to apply striking a balance of health and good taste. I publish 100% vegetarian recipes only.

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This is a guest post by Chef Padma Singhvi.


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