September 2016 Roundup | Time for Dussehra

Hey Foodeez,

Happy Dussehra!

Thoughts, they have no boundations! They can go from meeting Chef Ramsay to launching your own book! Welll, thoughts, as I’d said, are limitless.

I’m writing this roundup after many months. Yeah, I had an excuse earlier of relocating but it’s done and I’m settled in this new city, Gurgaon. I need to explore it more. By the time you can check out the reviews on my Zomato Page. Show me some love there too 🙂 In short like the reviews or drop a comment if you visited the reviewed restaurant and share your experiences.

Another update is, I’ll be soon restarting my Kitchen Basics category. I know, I’d been acting like a lazy bug. You will find me back on track 🙂

Here’s the round up on what all happened on FJ in September this year:

Starting on a sweeter note.. since it was Eid ul Adha in September, my sis shared the recipe for Qemami Sewain. You can make this dessert any time now. Don’t wait just for Eid!

Sewain Recipe
Sewain Recipe

I got a chance to review Kitchen Goddess Kornelia Santoro’s cookbook – Cooking for Happiness. This is a must buy for young and old. You can buy it from Amazon.

Cooking for Happiness CookBook by Kornelia Santoro
Cooking for Happiness CookBook by Kornelia Santoro

I met two food personalities – Kornelia Santoro and Chef Neha Lakhani, virtually. Click on the links to know what they have to say about the big FOOD World.

Kornelia Santoro, author of Cooking for Happiness
Kornelia Santoro, author of Cooking for Happiness | Read Interview
Chef Neha Lakhani
Chef Neha Lakhani | Read Interview

Wow! There are varieties this time. Mark shared guest post with FJ. And the recipe is too yummy to forget! It’s the recipe for Walnut Brownie.

Espresso Walnut Brownie
Espresso Walnut Brownie

And last but not the least, let’s catch up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter too. If I’m not here, you can find me on any of these social media pages because a lot more is updated from my daily Food diary 🙂

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