An Update From Gurgaon

Dear Foodeez,

I know you might be waiting for new recipes and new posts on the weekly features – The Guide to Kitchen and Restaurant Reviews. I am travelling much during this month and shifting my base to an all together a new city, Gurgaon. I would request you to kindly bear with me as I have limited internet access right now. I hope you are enjoying cooking and eating by the time ☺

I’m missing sharing the blog too! Meanwhile I’m sharing with you some of the pics on what I’m up to…




Keep cooking and eating!


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Hey there, Foodeez Junction is all about India Food. If you are new to cooking and you want to know recipes for the Indian Cuisines, we have them -- not all though... but we'll have more soon. We keep on adding recipes. At Foodeez Junction, we also cover food product reviews, be it cook book or other food-related product, restaurant reviews, food personality interviews, food trails and more. And do visit us at Request a recipe, send constructive feedbacks (we are open to all the suggestions) or just drop in to tell us what you are cooking today! You can also contact us for collaborations. We'll love to hear from you :)

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