Irani Chai at Nimrah Cafe, Hyderabad

Notes from My first and last Food Walk in Hyderabad

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A Sunday Morning to be Cherished!

It was late night when I slept on Saturday after watching Hobbit. Next Morning i.e., on 29th May, had to get up early at 6 am. And I did! That’s the spirit when it comes to food! And a food walk, that was something new to me until a day before.

It’s Foodies who Matters!

Before I proceed with my Food Walk experience, I would want to thank Swiggy for the invite and the fellow foodies; I had an amazing time with you.

And — this is not at all a sponsored post 🙂

We started from the Nimrah Cafe at Charminar, the old city area of Hyderabad. I was astonished to know there are 18 kinds of biscuits served there! Early morning and the day starts with Chai biscuit. The famous combo! Here it was Irani Chai.

We were served with three different kinds – Osmania, Tie and Chand (moon-shaped) biscuits. I just wanted to grab the famous Osmania biscuit to have with the Irani tea. I’m absolutely in love with the buttery flavour.

Do you know the ideal way to drink Irani chai? Just pour some on saucer and sssslurppp!

The Diet Dosa!

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Our next stop – Govind Dosa Bandi. ‘Bandi’ meaning a road stall, so the name Govind Dosa Bandi. We headed from Nimrah Cafe to Govind Bandi, walking and talking with Food Drifter’s Neidhi.

Here I had Tawa Idli and dosa; since the dosa didn’t had an extra dollop of butter on it, we called it the diet dosa. The dosa here was different from the usual. The taste of butter and dosa masala well-blended with each other. I might go again there on my next visit to Hyderabad.

Idlis are something we would skip or would not want to have whenever we go outside. Right? But do NOT skip this at Govind Bandi. Take it as my personal recommendation. You’ll absolutely love the soft texture of the idlis, treated with well-balanced masala powder.

Walking Carelessly at Charminar

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After some photo sessions, we headed to Hotel Nayaab, crossing those street stalls that almost had all the vintage antiques we would love to have. I found the 5, 10, 20 paise coins too. If you are a coin collector, you should visit the street stalls at Charminar in Hyderabad. I’m sure you won’t return empty-handed.

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Finally, we reached Hotel Nayaab restaurant. It’s one such restaurant that starts at 4 am and closes at 12 am. Bheja is a must-try here. I never had bheja, apart from the one that’s cooked by mom. But this one was certainly delicious. Rest of the dishes like paya masala and keema were okay. Keema was higher on bland side. I won’t recommend it. Otherwise naan, saffron tea and bheja are something you should try when at Hotel Nayaab.

There’s Always a Room for Jalebi!

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Right after having enough of food, it was jalebi’s turn now. Since everyone was exhausted out of the scorching sun, we preferred to eat while sitting at Hotel Nayaab. A foodie friend was kind enough to bring the jalebis from near the High Court for everyone. Here it was – Jalebi with Rabri. If you haven’t tried this combination, do it now.

The jalebis were a delicious delight but had to be eaten soon else they turn soggy.

After munching so much, we, for the last time, had group selfies and photos. Finally the 4-hour-long food walk ended with the goodbyes and a memory to cherish.

Oh! I forgot to mention why first and last Food Walk in Hyderabad… I am not staying in Hyderabad now. But would love to go on such Food trails in northern India.
— Shared by Sara Khan

4 thoughts on “Notes from My first and last Food Walk in Hyderabad

    1. Hey.. thank you Megha.. it’s sad that I wouldn’t be here whenever you visit this lovely city 😦 … I must say Hyderabad is a great foodie hub.. for once you should visit 🙂 And I’m flattered that you liked reading about the food walk 🙂


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