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Thank you FBCI (Food Bloggers Council, India) and Meatigo to send the products for review. All opinion is 100% mine.

Online Shopping has become a necessity these days. I, remember, when I preferred to shop online, my friends would say how do you recognize which product is good for buying. Well, then I followed my instincts. Till now I am a happy online shopping consumer be it grocery or other home products. I have been always skeptical buying meat online, until now.

Since I have a set parameters and conditions that need to be met, I had many times confirmed with the FBCI team and the Meatigo team if they serve halal and requested for the same. Thankfully they serve Prasuma meat which is halal; my prime concern is solved.

As a non-vegetarian, I’m always on a lookout for the best and here I got it from Meatigo.

The products I had received were:

  1. Chicken Seekh Kabab
  2. Chicken Sausages
  3. Mutton Curry Cut

Why I Recommend?

First Reason: I, earlier, had the ‘fresh’ meat from a nearby shop. It seemed like they had used certain preservative to maintain the ‘freshness’, lookwise. It really tasted bad. When I received the protein packet, I immediately opened to check whether Meatigo also uses the same preservative. I had this misconception like many of you. But NO, I was proved wrong. The meat was fresh and smelled the same. Even I tasted a bit of raw mutton and chicken, they were equally good.

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Second Reason: The packaging of the meat products were carefully done. The products were in an insulated bag which also consisted of 2 ice packets to maintain the temperature of the proteins.

Third Reason: It saves a lot of time from the hassles of washing and cutting out those extra fats from the mutton pieces. You just need to wash once and that’s it. Only those people who wash the meat pieces would know .

Though I like preparing everything from scratch, there are times when I want to save my time and yet have delicious Kebabs. For this, chicken sausages and seekh kababs are best. You need not put an extra effort to mince, prepare the mix for kababs. You just need to fry them in oil or roast in oven or grill; it depends on you.

Fourth Reason: They come at a reasonable price. If you are getting chicken seekh kababs (300gm i.e., 4 pieces) at Rs. 160, isn’t it a fair deal? I had 2 piece-seekh kabab at Rs. 150 plus taxes at a restaurant. Leaving on you to decide. Keep reading to know why I’m convinced to buy the chicken seekhs from this online meat ordering shop.

Reasons could be more when I order from Meatigo next time. If you have more reasons, do not forget to share your experiences in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.

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What did I make from the products?

  1. Chicken Seekh Kabab – I’d just brushed olive oil on the kebabs and pan fried them while adjusting the flames from low to medium; served with lemon and green chilli sauce. To give the Kababs an earthy flavour, I had smoked them with a mix of dried spices. They were juicy and full of aroma. The best thing was, they were not chewy. You can roast them in oven too.
  2. Chicken Sausages – I had cut the sausages in 6-7 equal parts. This is how I made – Heat 1 tbsp. olive oil, add 3-4 garlic cloves and saute. Now, add sausages and let them fry on high to medium heat. Sprinkle salt and oregano. Have the sausages with salad, pasta or in hot dogs, whichever way you like.
  3. Mutton curry cuts – I made a pilaf from mutton pieces. I liked the pieces with bone, they were more juicy and tasty.

Coming back to the details, you will find expiry for each meat products on their respective packets. For delivery and how much time they take to deliver the products, I have to order myself, and then I’ll surely update my experience here.

You can order Prasuma meat directly from Meatigo’s website. It’s easy to navigate. The only restriction is — they only serve in Delhi and Gurgaon.

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— Images and Review by Sara Khan