How About an Oil-Free Chicken this Weekend? | Kenny Rogers Roasters Review

Thank you Kenny Rogers Roasters to invite Foodeez Junction team for the review session. All opinions are 100% mine.

Till now we had heard of healthy eating with olive oil, salad, and there are countless things to add on. But what if I say healthy eating with Chicken without oil. Before you start searching a let-me-think emoticon, I suggest you to head towards Kenny Rogers Roasters in Noida! Yes KRR is now in India too!

I’d, recently, visited Kenny Rogers Roasters (popularly called KRR) at Galleria Mall in Noida. This first flagship restaurant was opened formally on October 21, 2016. For those who do not know about Galleria Mall’s location, it is just behind The Great India Palace (TGIP) shopping mall, exact location is Gate no. 11. KRR is located on the ground floor of Galleria mall and has an ample parking space.

Facts to Know About Kenny Rogers Roasters
It has No-Flame Kitchen
– Patented Rotisserie and slow-cooking method is used; no fried food.
– Only fresh meat and salad are used.
– The Kenny Rogers Roasters’ roaster concept was first introduced in 1991 by John Y. Brown, Governor of the state of Kentucky who was also one of the original developers of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Brown teamed up with his musician friend Kenny Rogers to serve home-style family foods.
– The Kenny Rogers Roasters has entered into a master Franchisee agreement with Troika Hospitality India LLP for entering into Indian Food Loving Market.

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As soon as you enter, you will receive a warm welcome and will be guided towards the table. There is enough seating space for a pack of friends. You can go there with family too. The ambience is good. The restaurant has a unique modern design that compliments the ambience.

I had Chicken meal and mango passion fruit blend in mocktail. The KRR Chicken Meal had a good portion of the protein to keep your tummy full. It consist of three side dishes – a pasta salad, green veg salad with mustard sauce topping, fresh fruit salad, and a muffin. The chicken piece with black pepper sauce was heavenly. I would strongly recommend the mango passion fruit blend as it was perfectly done, no strong flavours were added.

The Meal

Garden Salad

It was fresh. I enjoyed it with the topping of secret sweet-and-sour mustard sauce.


It was another good food from the meal.

Fruit Salad

The cold fruits were like a zing.

The Rotisserie-roasted Chicken

This no-oil chicken is the star of the meal. Cooked to perfection, the chicken was juicy and had flavours in each bite, specially when you accompany it with the ghost black pepper sauce, it’s heavenly. The sauce, itself, was addictive.


As we say, every meal should have a dessert, muffin is the one for this KRR meal. It was served hot. Since I was busy in enjoying the other cuisines from the platter, the muffin turned to normal temperature. It formed a crust and I was glad I didn’t had it hot, as I really liked the way I developed a thin crust, that made it crunchy from outside and soft from inside.

An Interview with Prince Parmar – The Food Bite Lover

brown bread on white ceramic plate

I was told that the chicken takes at least 45 minutes to get cooked for the meal. So, next time when you visit Kenny Rogers Roasters be prepared but the chicken is worth the wait.

Summary of Kenny Rogers Roasters Oil Free Chicken

Yes For

  • Chicken Meal
  • The Mango and Passion fruit blend
  • Ambience
  • Location

No For

  • Not this time, I’ll visit later and will let you know.

Overall Rating 4/5

If you are visiting or already have been to Kenny Rogers Rosters, I would love to hear from you.

— Images and Review Shared by Sara Khan