Global Ethnic Flavors are at Work at Hard Rock Cafe India

Thank you Hard Rock Cafe, Gurgaon, for inviting FJ team for the review session. All opinion is 100% mine.

It is the international flavors, this time, pepping up the atmosphere of Hard Rock Cafe India. Good news for all the foodies and for the HRC fans too! The Cafe is hosting an exclusive two-month-long Smoke, Fire and Spice Fest with a limited edition menu. It, specially, have global ethnic flavours and will last till September only.

I’d, recently, visited Hard Rock Cafe in Gurgaon where Smoke, Fire and Spice Fest is going on. I don’t know about other HRCs but I loved most of the things about the Gurgaon one. It is located at DLF Cyberhub. You just need to get down at the drop point and enter the cyber hub, walk 15-20 steps and you will definitely find Hard Rock Cafe.

Upon entering, you will find the Cafe is bigger with lots of seating space on ground and first floors. The ambience and music is something you have to see and feel yourself. I won’t mention it here because just saying good, great or nice won’t do the justice!

I started with the mocktail. If you are non-alcoholic, like me, you should go for Crushed Velvet or Mango Tango – the sweet-sour mango drink with the flavours of an energy drink and lime. This would keep you energized all day. The mocktails were from the usual menu. Apart from these two if you like smoothie, you can have Wild-Berry, it’s a mix of bananas, pina colada and orange with a fresh pineapple slice on it. Drink slowly to get every flavor of this drink.

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Coming back to Crushed Velvet – I was told this drink is ladies’ favourite, and mine too! The heavenly combination of raspberry syrup, pomegranate, fresh lemon juice and lemon-lime soda will leave you in awe.

As HRC calls its new menu “a sizzling tour of global spices”, I totally agree to it. The international flavours imbibed in cottage cheese and chicken in the Veg and Non-veg platters respectively will leave you wanting for more. When I say it, I really mean it.

From the new menu of Smoke, Fire and Spice Festival, I would choose non-veg platter over veg as I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian and a chicken lover. The chicken pieces were perfectly done. The juiciness of the chicken mixed with the flavours of the sauces gave the best taste I’ve ever had anywhere else. All thanks to the chefs at work at HRC.

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Though I had tasted chicken made from all the sauces – Satay, Charmoula, Chimichuri, Chipotle, PiriPiri and Harissa, my strong recommendations are for Harissa and Satay. And if you like the smoky flavor, you are definitely going to enjoy Chipotle too.

Satay was “Sweet and Savoury” as it was mentioned in the menu. If you want something different, don’t miss out on this sauce. Charmoula and Chimichuri are for the ones who like plain and less spicy food.

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While having PiriPiri, I enjoyed the flavours of birds eye chilly and garlic.

Warning – Harissa is too hot, watch it out. Try only if you like hot food and sauces.

The sauces are same for veg platters too. If you are a vegetarian, I would recommend you to have Veg Fajita. The cottage cheese is very nicely done with the sauces and to your surprise, there is naan bread. Though it looks like Indian naan but it is very different in taste and soft in texture, and isn’t at all prepared like the ones we usually have at other restaurants.

For cocktail lovers, there are many options in the new Smoke, Fire and Spice menu. The highly recommended one by HRC staff is Triple Threat. On Fridays, post 7 o’clock, HRC’s live station is open for all the alcohol lovers where they can mix and match and make their own cocktail.

HRC is hosting this Smoky fest for the first time. Do NOT miss on this. You never know when would be the next tour to the international flavours! And do visit Hard Rock Cafe before 30th September, 2016.


Yes For –

Food and Mocktails – Non-veg Platter and Fajita, Crushed Velvet and Mango Tango

POSist Makes It Easy for Restaurants, Introduces An Integrated Marketplace

Ambience – Perfect for friends and rock music lovers

Location – DLF Cyberhub, perfect to hangout with friends

No For –

May be some other time!

Overall rating 4.5/5

If you are visiting or already have tasted from the menu of Smoke, Fire and Spice Fest at Hard Rock Cafe, I would love to hear from you. Do visit HRC by September.

— Shared by Sara Khan