Irani Chai at Nimrah Cafe, Hyderabad

Notes from My first and last Food Walk in Hyderabad

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A Sunday Morning to be Cherished!

It was late night when I slept on Saturday after watching Hobbit. Next Morning i.e., on 29th May, had to get up early at 6 am. And I did! That’s the spirit when it comes to food! And a food walk, that was something new to me until a day before.

It’s Foodies who Matters!

Before I proceed with my Food Walk experience, I would want to thank Swiggy for the invite and the fellow foodies; I had an amazing time with you.

And — this is not at all a sponsored post 🙂

We started from the Nimrah Cafe at Charminar, the old city area of Hyderabad. I was astonished to know there are 18 kinds of biscuits served there! Early morning and the day starts with Chai biscuit. The famous combo! Here it was Irani Chai.

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