N Grill Restaurant Review

N Grill Restaurant Review | Jubilee Hills Hyderabad

N Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato N Grill has always been on my restaurants’ wishlist.

The first thing I noticed upon entering was, it had ample of parking space. The digital billboard outside the Italian restaurant kept blinking and telling about the Chef’s Special for the day 🙂

N Grill is owned by Nagarjuna Akkineni (actor in Bollywood and Tollywood) and Nalla Preetham (an entrepreneur). I got to know that Nagarjuna visited N Grill the same day but in evening and I checked in to this grill and bar at 9 pm 😦 . Any chances still? 😀 😀

The guard guided me. As I entered – the huge wooden and glass door is at left – I found the place is something like “it is going to take you to a different world”. On my right there were some huge chess pieces on table. The gallery had stone walls with decorations on it at my right and wooden grilled shelves with alcohol bottles in it at left; all well lit.

Upon entering, I found there were three separate zones – outside sitting, bar area and dining area. It’s Summer, I opted for dining area. And since it was dry day, I got the place to sit immediately, else I’d heard N Grill is always full on Fridays.

It was my first visit to N Grill and the waiter suggested to try the Veg Platter. I’d ordered Veg Platter and Lasagna, and in Mocktails Summer Twist and Joyful Night. Summer Twist was Chef’s special for the Day.

I got my order within 20 minutes. Here are the details. Warning: It might leave you drooling!

When there are so many things on your plate, who cares about the weight!

Starting with Veg Platter by N Grill – it had two salads one was just steamed and was served with black peppers over it, the other one had sauces, lettuce, bell peppers and more. Mashed Potato was a melt-in-mouth delicacy. It had a creamy taste. Though the mashed potato was plain, it was just the right Italian cuisine you can have! Cottage Cheese had a great taste. Cold Tomato Chutney had a garlicy and sweet flavour. I say cold because I loved the chutney how it was. Garlic Bread, was another delight to me. I wish they had given four breads instead of two. Not that the quantity was less but the taste! Oh God! The garlic breads were crispy-yet-soft buttery affair one would want to have!

Lasagna – It was cheese, cheese, everywhere cheese! And I loved it. Perfectly cooked and the right amount for a person.

Mocktails: Joyful Night and Summer Twist both had Orange juices in them but were very different in taste and delightful too.

The ambience of any restaurant is always my second preference after food. But the ambience at N Grill, I would say was equivalent to the food; awesome. I liked their hospitality too.

If you are planning to have Italian cuisines I would highly recommend you this restaurant. Even the outside-sitting area was perfect. Had it been 29 or 30 degree, I would have opted to sit outside. N Grill is also famous for its Sunday brunches. If you go there to have a Sunday brunch, share your experiences.


Yes For –

  1. Ambience
  2. Food – a must try; even Sunday brunches too.
  3. Hospitality; it is good now but can be better.

No For –

  1. Oh, I have no reason to say a no… may be another time someday 😛

Overall Rating: 4/5

N Grill Address: Road Number 36, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500033

— Shared by Sara Khan


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