Not So Bitter! Bharwan Karela Recipe

Bharwan Karela Recipe or Karakaya Recipe is easy to make and will be liked by you, even if you don’t like this veggie.

This Bharwan Karela recipe or stuffed Karela recipe is for vegetarians; non-vegetarians will like it too 🙂 . As I had told in my previous Meetha Karela Recipe that this bitter vegetable comes along with many medicinal and health benefits. You can check it here, if you have missed it.

Karela is known by several names, some of them include Karakaya, bittergourd and bitter melon. Continue reading “Not So Bitter! Bharwan Karela Recipe”

Meetha Karela Recipe, Inherited from Mom

This recipe of Meetha Karela has certainly won many hearts. Karela, also know as bitter gourd in English, sounds something like ewwww… it’s bitter. But trust me the cuisines made out of this lovely vegetable is so so good that you will say “yeh dil maange more” 😛 . Apart from Karela fry, which is slightly bitter on bitterometer (:D), the various dishes that can be made out of this vegetable are – meetha Karela or sweet karela, bhuna karela, bharwan karela or stuffed karela, aloo karela and so on. Among all, in my opinion, meetha karela and bharwan karela rocks. We’ll be making meetha karela SO when you will scroll down you’ll find the recipe. Before that let’s gain some knowledge about this high-on-nutrition bitter gourd. Starting from the nutrient value, it is rich in Vitamin C, dietry fibre, Vitamin B3, B5, B6, iron, magnesium, pottasium and manganese. Continue reading “Meetha Karela Recipe, Inherited from Mom”