Chef Neha Lakhani

From Good to a Baker par Excellence – Patisserie Chef Neha Lakhani tells all in her Interview with Foodeez Junction

In an exclusive interview with Foodeez Junction, Patisserie Chef Neha Lakhani tells about her food experiences and what fascinated her towards culinary journey.

Patisserie Chef Neha Lakhani is an innovator and a baker par excellence. Her bakes and desserts draw the influence from her world travels. Chef Neha, after pursuing degree in finance, decided to take it to the bakery and patisserie world. She pursued Pastry Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa under Chef Herve Chabert and Chef Christian Faure. She honed her skills in planning customized fine desserts in the pastry kitchen of ITC Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi. Continue reading “From Good to a Baker par Excellence – Patisserie Chef Neha Lakhani tells all in her Interview with Foodeez Junction”

Khajur Laddu

Khajur Laddu Recipe

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Here is another recipe of khajur. Dates or khajur is a rich source of fibre, protein and vitamins.

I love to take khajur daily in my diet because of its health benefits. We can make a variety of desserts with this fruit like khajur halwa, khajur milkshake and the khajur laddus. After the milkshake I’m sharing another Khajur recipe with you. I consider cuisines made from the dates healthy as there is no need to add sugar unlike other desserts. Continue reading “Khajur Laddu Recipe”

Caramelized Strawberries With Cream

Caramelized Strawberries with Cream

Caramelized Strawberries with Cream is an English cuisine but the recipe below has an Indian twist. Strawberries and Cream – doesn’t it sound like a heavenly combination? Ahhhh… it this dessert tasted the same and I love it more when my daughter finished a full glass of Caramelized Strawberries with Cream.

Here is how I to make the Caramelized Strawberry with Cream Recipe. I’d caramelized the strawberries first with the help of castor sugar and then arranged in a serving glass along with whipped cream. It’s like an achievement to trying out something new… and Yayyy .. I did it. It turned out really beautiful and delicious. Continue reading “Caramelized Strawberries with Cream”