Coconut Pudding

Tender Coconut Pudding

With the mercury level soaring, what more could be refreshing than a chilled bowl of “Tender Coconut Pudding”.

Tender coconut water is known for its unique combination of simple sugars, minerals and electrolytes. This Coconut pudding is creamy, light and bursts with playful notes and ideal to be had during any time of the day. It is a simple Coconut Pudding recipe and can be made with very basic ingredients.

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The first time I got to taste this divine pudding was at the ‘Fruit Shop On Greams Road”, from then on there was no stopping me. It has always intrigued me if I could ever create something so divine. With many trial and errors, with minor adjustments and some tweaking I managed to make this decadent pudding, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy making and eating as well!! Continue reading “Tender Coconut Pudding”

Baraf ka Gola Recipe

Beat the Heat with Juicy Barf ka Churmura

Barf ka Churmura Recipe is the easiest and will be loved by one and all.

Juicy Barf ka Churmura or Baraf ka Gola is a frozen dessert recipe. The name Baraf ka Gola relates to Mumbai. Even if you find a stall anywhere in India, whether Delhi or Lucknow, you will find this particular line on it “BOMBAY KA ICE GOLA“. The hawkers make this Barf ka Churmura with artificial flavours but Ting Ting… today, I’m going to disclose the healthy recipe of this sweet ice dessert with original flavourful juices.

Be it the beach side or the comfort of my home, I enjoy this Barf ka Churmura (as I call it) in hot summers. This one such sweet and yummy dessert is something I and my daughter can have almost daily 🙂

Toh phir… Kuch Thanda ho Jaye Continue reading “Beat the Heat with Juicy Barf ka Churmura”

Holi Recipe: How to Make Gujia at Home

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Gujia Recipe is easy to make; the step by step guide with the video recipe will help you in making it more easily.

Come Holi and I go into flashback mode when I used to visit my friends and neighbourhood and would get a variety of Gujia/Gujias  to munch. I would wait for Holi every year just to have this sweet dish, Gujia 😀 .

The Holi celebration would begin with visiting one of my close friends, where I would munch on at least two Gujias. And then the Gujia trail would continue till my stomach bulged. I was and I am very fond of Gujia recipe… I cannot bring those “selfish” childhood moments back but can create one for my daughter 🙂 . Continue reading “Holi Recipe: How to Make Gujia at Home”

Dessert Recipe: How to Make Chandrakala Gujiya

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Chandrakala gujiya is a Holi-special sweet and an all time classic. This traditional sweet Chandrakala Gujiya has a delectable taste and you get different flavours in one sweet dish. The recipe and the dessert both are completely Indian. Continue reading “Dessert Recipe: How to Make Chandrakala Gujiya”

Caramelized Strawberries With Cream

Caramelized Strawberries with Cream

Caramelized Strawberries with Cream is an English cuisine but the recipe below has an Indian twist. Strawberries and Cream – doesn’t it sound like a heavenly combination? Ahhhh… it this dessert tasted the same and I love it more when my daughter finished a full glass of Caramelized Strawberries with Cream.

Here is how I to make the Caramelized Strawberry with Cream Recipe. I’d caramelized the strawberries first with the help of castor sugar and then arranged in a serving glass along with whipped cream. It’s like an achievement to trying out something new… and Yayyy .. I did it. It turned out really beautiful and delicious. Continue reading “Caramelized Strawberries with Cream”

Gur ke Meethe Chawal Recipe

Gur k meethey chawal is the dessert made of gur, that is jaggery, and chawal, that is rice. In other words we can say that this dish consists of sweet rice made with jaggery. This dessert is popular dish from Uttar Pradesh, India. Gur ke Meethey Chawal is my all-time favourite dessert or you can say it’s my childhood delight. I love to have this with warm milk and sometimes malai over it :D. This recipe is my mom’s and I’m passing on it to you.

While cooking Gur ke meethey chawal, I went to the flashback where my mom used to make this dessert with so much love and we would gobble our bowl’s gur ke meethe chawal just to take our siblings’. Continue reading “Gur ke Meethe Chawal Recipe”

Shahi Khoya Kheer

Shahi Khoya Kheer

Kheer, an Indian sub-continent cuisine, is a rice pudding made by boiling rice with milk and sugar. Kheer-like dessert is common in Middle East and West. It is said that Kheer was first made at Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha, 2000 years ago. Kheer is prepared on different occasions like festivals and weddings. You can make Kheer from various fruits like apple, orange or banana. Zafrani (kesar) kheer is also popular among the sweet dish lovers. You can add dry fruits and spices, like cinnamon and green cardamom (elaichi), to give variations and flavours.

Origin of Kheer

Kheer is healthy and rich in calcium. It’s a versatile dish. Romans were the first to give variations in kheer by adding rose water and dry fruits. They call it stomach’s secondary refrigerator. In ancient history it is mentioned that the people then used to have kheer as dessert. Continue reading “Shahi Khoya Kheer”

Shahi Tukda

Easy Recipe: Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda (or Shahi Tukra) is one such dessert which you can find easily at parties or weddings. This sweet dish is believed to be of Mughal origin. Shahi, derived from Persian, means royal and tukda, derived from Urdu-Hindi, means a piece. This royal recipe is said to be inventd in 19th century.

Shahi Tukda is a combination of fried bread, milk and mawa (almonds, pistachios, cashew). Here’s an easy recipe to prepare Shahi Tukda at home:  Continue reading “Easy Recipe: Shahi Tukda”