Gur ke Meethe Chawal Recipe

Gur k meethey chawal is the dessert made of gur, that is jaggery, and chawal, that is rice. In other words we can say that this dish consists of sweet rice made with jaggery. This dessert is popular dish from Uttar Pradesh, India. Gur ke Meethey Chawal is my all-time favourite dessert or you can say it’s my childhood delight. I love to have this with warm milk and sometimes malai over it :D. This recipe is my mom’s and I’m passing on it to you.

While cooking Gur ke meethey chawal, I went to the flashback where my mom used to make this dessert with so much love and we would gobble our bowl’s gur ke meethe chawal just to take our siblings’. Continue reading “Gur ke Meethe Chawal Recipe”