Baraf ka Gola Recipe

Beat the Heat with Juicy Barf ka Churmura

Barf ka Churmura Recipe is the easiest and will be loved by one and all.

Juicy Barf ka Churmura or Baraf ka Gola is a frozen dessert recipe. The name Baraf ka Gola relates to Mumbai. Even if you find a stall anywhere in India, whether Delhi or Lucknow, you will find this particular line on it “BOMBAY KA ICE GOLA“. The hawkers make this Barf ka Churmura with artificial flavours but Ting Ting… today, I’m going to disclose the healthy recipe of this sweet ice dessert with original flavourful juices.

Be it the beach side or the comfort of my home, I enjoy this Barf ka Churmura (as I call it) in hot summers. This one such sweet and yummy dessert is something I and my daughter can have almost daily 🙂

Toh phir… Kuch Thanda ho Jaye Continue reading “Beat the Heat with Juicy Barf ka Churmura”

Holi Recipe: How to Make Gujia at Home

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Gujia Recipe is easy to make; the step by step guide with the video recipe will help you in making it more easily.

Come Holi and I go into flashback mode when I used to visit my friends and neighbourhood and would get a variety of Gujia/Gujias  to munch. I would wait for Holi every year just to have this sweet dish, Gujia 😀 .

The Holi celebration would begin with visiting one of my close friends, where I would munch on at least two Gujias. And then the Gujia trail would continue till my stomach bulged. I was and I am very fond of Gujia recipe… I cannot bring those “selfish” childhood moments back but can create one for my daughter 🙂 . Continue reading “Holi Recipe: How to Make Gujia at Home”

Dessert Recipe: How to Make Chandrakala Gujiya

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Chandrakala gujiya is a Holi-special sweet and an all time classic. This traditional sweet Chandrakala Gujiya has a delectable taste and you get different flavours in one sweet dish. The recipe and the dessert both are completely Indian. Continue reading “Dessert Recipe: How to Make Chandrakala Gujiya”


Hara Chana Bachka Recipe for Holi

Bachka recipe also called hara matar fritters recipe with an easy step by step guide with photos.

Bachka, or the hara chana fritters, is one of the famous dishes made during Holi, especially in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India. Hara chana or green chickpeas are available in market or at grocery stores during February-March and sometimes April, if you are lucky to find them, grab them and make Bachka with this recipe. This is a fantastic dish and I’m truly in love with it. I can have it once in a week but have to watch my weight… with all those cooking around 😛

Bachka is golden green, crispy fritters made of Hara Chana also known as holiya, hola or green chickpeas. With this step by step Bachka recipe you will learn how to make Bachkas and then make it at home, yourself, on Holi festival. Everyone will love it. Guarantee! Continue reading “Hara Chana Bachka Recipe for Holi”