Hara Chana Bachka Recipe for Holi

Bachka recipe also called hara matar fritters recipe with an easy step by step guide with photos.

Bachka, or the hara chana fritters, is one of the famous dishes made during Holi, especially in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India. Hara chana or green chickpeas are available in market or at grocery stores during February-March and sometimes April, if you are lucky to find them, grab them and make Bachka with this recipe. This is a fantastic dish and I’m truly in love with it. I can have it once in a week but have to watch my weight… with all those cooking around 😛

Bachka is golden green, crispy fritters made of Hara Chana also known as holiya, hola or green chickpeas. With this step by step Bachka recipe you will learn how to make Bachkas and then make it at home, yourself, on Holi festival. Everyone will love it. Guarantee! Continue reading “Hara Chana Bachka Recipe for Holi”