Indian Railways New Menu

Foods Served on Indian Trains Are Cheaper Now!


A good news for Rail travellers! Indian Railways Catering has announced the food served on trains will be cheaper.

I had always wished the food served on trains to be fresh and good, both quality and quantity wise.

Why I say quantity-wise? Earlier, whenever I had to buy the dinner, a veg biryani (which was very low in quality standards), a small portion would cost Rs. 120 plus a cup of tea at Rs. 10 sometimes Rs. 15. The sad part was, instead of improvising it, the quantity of tea was lesser than earlier. On train, people who were affected like me, would say ‘loot hai bhai’.

I’m glad that, finally, our railway minister took some action on it. Hope to find good food on train this time; didn’t get it in Shatabdi though!

Everything is ‘Prabhu‘ bharose, as we say.

A good move opens the door of expectations for many unheard issues. Isn’t it?

Here’s the Tariff/Menu for Standard Meals and tea shared by Indian Railways Catering

— Opinion Shared by Sara Khan

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