Dahi phulki

Dahi Phulki Recipe – Light and Easy to Make

This Dahi Phulki recipe is one of the easiest and can be made in 20-25 minutes in snacks. The time is maximum, you can make in less time too. Yes, it is that easy! And it is very different in taste if we compare it with Dahi Vada. The main ingredients are dahi (curd), besan (gram flour) and Imli ki chutney. It is very light and yummy in taste and a sort of ‘jhatpat’ dish. Dahi phulki is much common during Ramadan. You’ll find it as a daily dish during ramadan at many homes.

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I’ve been having this dish since my childhood and trust me even someone who is new to cooking can make it without any hassles. All you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide for this besan ki dahi phulki recipe.

How to Make Dahi Phulki at Home

To make Dahi Phulki at home you need to first fry the besan pakoras, which is then dipped in water. Later dahi, imli ki chutney and more such ingredients are added to make this dish.


  • 2 cups besan
  • Very little amount of salt
  • 3 pinch cooking soda
  • refined oil for frying
  • 1 1/4 cup of water
  • 1/3rd tsp Red Chilli powder
  • 1/2 tsp black salt
  • 1 tsp zeera powder
  • 2 tbsp Imli ki Chutney
  • 500 gm curd
  • 3 pinches of garam masala

In a bowl mix besan, salt (very less amount, just for taste), cooking soda and garam masala very well. Now add water slowly to the mix. Keep mixing. Once the mixture gets a thick yet fluid consistency, stir it and keep it aside. Be sure any lumps shouldn’t be there in the mixture.

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Now pour oil for frying in a kadhai. Heat it well. To check you can put a drop of the besan batter we’d made. Now with the help of your fingers just pick the batter (not too much though) and put it in the hot oil kadhai. Do this at least for 5-6 besan balls; remember your kadhai shouldn’t be overcrowded.

Fry all the besan phulkis till golden. Usually whenever we fry anything we take them out on a tissue paper. Here we’ll be dipping the hot besan phulkis in water.

Once the besan phulkis turn golden put them in bowl full of (normal) water.

Now, take the curd in a bowl and beat it nicely. Add 4-5 pinches of salt; remember we have already put the salt in phulkis also and we’ll be using black salt for garnishing purpose. So use the salt accordingly. Add 1/2 tsp zeera powder and mix well with curd. Once done, take a wide serving bowl. Take out the phulkis from water and put them in the serving bowl. Pour curd (dahi) on it.

Dahi Phulki
Dahi Phulki is ready!

Garnish the besan ki dahi phulki with red chilli powder (you can use Kashmirilal, if you don’t want the dahi phulki to be spicy), zeera (cumin) powder, black salt and above all Imli ki Chutney.

Here it is… Simple, Easy and Tasty!

— Recipe and Images Shared by Sara Khan

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