Foodeez Junction in an Interview with Hyderabad Based Food Venture Paymitime Founder Members

An Interview with Founder Members Paymitime – A Hyderabadi Food Venture

How about you get paid when you spend minutes, sometimes hours waiting for someone or sometimes food? Your mind may say hah, there’s nothing like that… yet your heart says a “yay” when it hears the concept! Well, that’s what Paymitime promises to do.

Today’s interview comes all the way from Hyderabad and is brought to us by the founder members of Paymitime. The food concept is new and kudos to the founders of Paymitime Sharath, Jaganath and Santhosh for introducing such a concept for the restaurant visitors.

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Keep a tab on the social media pages, they keep on announcing discounts on the restaurants in Hyderabad.

Meet the Founders of Paymitime
Anti-clockwise (right to left) – Santhosh, Jaganath and Sharath, the founder members of Paymitime

Follow the Paymitime Founder Members –  Sharath| Jaganath | Santhosh

Tell us about yourself. How did you become passionate about food?

We are a group of three founders’ – Jaganath, Sharath & Santhosh, from Hyderabad localities and food junkies, ever since we shared the same bench pursuing our MBA and the bond has been pushing forward to 15 years now. We are bon viveur that’s where the story begins. Conquering food and trying new delicacies has always been our constant pass time and this can be very much related to our sizes!

What is Paymitime about?

It’s a dine-in based concept where we reward your time in the form of discounts for dining at our chain of restaurants for the life-time. We also cut short your time of finding the menu card, placing an order and making payment in one unique patent applied app.

When did you know you wanted to be a food entrepreneur?

The food industry has drastically raised its technical standards and process simplification by digitalizing, however, we felt the need of fulfilling the gap for regular restaurant goers and make their time worthwhile and not wait to receive the menu card, choosing what to order and making payment along with benefiting restaurateur of his peak and non-peak hours.

Did you get training for the entrepreneurship?

I believe you don’t learn until you are on the ground so the real-time scenarios and how we overcome them from time to time is our training. We’ve been serial entrepreneurs by individual capacities before PayMiTime was born. Santhosh owns a print media company, Jaganath a playschool and Sharath Javaji an HR Consultancy.

What’s the story behind starting the venture?

All the combined good and bad experiences have been bundled up in one form to make the dining experience a pleasant one for both customers and the restaurateurs. We firmly believed we could make some difference and that’s when we marched forward to start this venture.

What is your favorite food memory?

It’s a beautiful long memory when my mother used to feed me tasty hot and delicious food when I would come back from school. And there are some other beautiful memories dining out with my wife and colleagues.

How do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is variable; it diversifies with situations and conditions or may fluctuate with problems. At this stage, for me, the journey of PayMitime from “what it was – to what it is” right now inspires a lot.

What has enabled you to find success?

It depends on how you define success – we firmly believe that a unique idea which bridges the gap between necessity and demand always succeeds.

Who in the food world do you most admire?

The love and joy of food always come from home and its members.

What do you find new and exciting about the food industry?

Making global cuisines available at your location, Food Industry digitalization & unique concepts which are grabbing the attention of every food lover.

The Biggest Challenge/s you faced while starting Paymitime?

Explaining the patent applied all new time-based discount concepts to the wide audience was a huge deal in the initial phase. Understanding the requirements and hiring a skilled workforce to accomplish them and finally persuading the dream to become reality.

What keeps you going?


What is your day like?

My day starts with a great breakfast and then a motivational music until I reach office followed by market research and Increasing operational efficiency.

Will you be expanding Paymitime services to other cities as well and by when?

We are definitely looking forward to making it a global product, once we reach our milestones and enhance our app from time to time. We have already started our market research at Bengaluru and Pune.

What do you most love about your job?

The fact that you are not fixed to do the same thing every day, facing new challenges and overcoming them with collective team spirit and finally, learning new things and Interacting with distinctive ideologists.

If you had just one wish, what would it be?

Family well-being and prosperity or may be great food on my table every day.

Best piece of advice you would give a food enthusiast?

Never hesitate to try something new and always experience the food worth your time and money.

Three tips for the ones who look for starting a food business.

Always have an efficient team, serve tasty food and give good hospitality.

And here are a few food pics from their Instafeed:

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Did You know This? #foodfact

A post shared by PayMiTime (@paymitime) on

View this post on Instagram

Did You Know This? #FoodFact

A post shared by PayMiTime (@paymitime) on

View this post on Instagram

Did You Know This? #FoodFact

A post shared by PayMiTime (@paymitime) on

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  1. I know these guys personally. Jagan is my childhood friend and always used to think to do something new innovative. And now he implemented his idea which turns to a success story 😄


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