Falooda with Ice Cream and Rabri

Falooda with Ice cream and Rabri

In my earlier post, I’d discussed on how to make Falooda at home. Hope you enjoyed making it. But what’s next? What did I do after making Falooda. Just simply had it with ice cream? Noooo, not simply. I’d added more ingredients to Falooda with Ice cream and Rabri to make it delicious, so that you like it and love me more for sharing these recipes! 😀 😀

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I’d made this beautiful pink-coloured dessert that would make your family go gaga over your cooking skills. Trust me :). A little heavy in nature, you can have falooda with ice cream and rabri in evenings. One glass of this falooda dessert will make your tummy full. And you need not cook anything if you already have falooda and rabri at hand.

I’d made this Falooda Ice cream with rose syrup, milk, homemade falooda sev, sabza seeds (basil/tukmaria/tukmalanga seeds) and ice cream. You can also add kulfi, rabri or fruits to give variations. I’d added Roohafza in the dessert, thus, the pink colour. You can add rose syrup too in place of Roohafza.

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In summers, falooda works as a stomach coolant; whenever you want to refresh yourself, have this dessert.

Please share the pics and your experience on FJ’s Facebook page as well when you make Falooda Ice Cream with my recipe. But take care, while taking the pics, the ice cream might melt. So you need to be quick. You can share the pics after having, as I don’t want to play the spoilsport between you and the ice cream 😀

How to Make Falooda with Ice cream and Rabri

You can make this falooda with ice cream and rabri with the given recipe within 5 minutes, but the preparation requires time. You can do the preparation ahead and make this dessert whenever you want to. It’s easy!

Servings 2

Time Taken 35 minutes along with the soaking of sabza seeds.


Falooda with Ice Cream and Rabri Ingredients
Falooda with Ice Cream and Rabri Ingredients
  • Ready falooda sev (its quantity depends on you how much you need); For Falooda Sev recipe click here
  • 3 tbsp Sabza seeds (basil/tukmaria/tukmalanga seeds)
  • 1/2 cup rabri; I’d used homemade rabri
  • ½ cup boiled and chilled milk
  • Two scoops vanilla ice cream
  • Roohafza or Rose syrup
  • Chopped dry fruits for Garnish (you can take a mix of pistachios, cashews and almonds)


Soak the sabza seeds in normal water until it bulges. Strain the water after the sabza seeds get ready.

Second step is to boil the falooda sev and strain it and keep aside. Boil it only if you are using the readymade one. I didn’t boil the falooda sev as I’d made it at home.

Take two beautiful glasses to arrange the falooda.

We need to arrange them like we are layering it. In the glass, firstly, add the falooda sev, then pour 2 tsp roohafza on it. Now put sabza seeds, three tbspn of rabri, milk, vanilla ice cream and the last layer roohafza again on the top.

Garnish the falooda dessert with the chopped dry fruits.

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  • Don’t add too much of roohafza as it is already very sweet.
  • Balanced the sweetness of the dessert accordingly as there is already sugar in rabri and ice cream.

— Recipe and Images by Shumayala Khan

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