Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Recipe

A Sinful Summer Delight! Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

The very thought of ” Ice cream Cake” churns me back to my childhood days, scorching sun  never seemed to matter then. It was more of a ritual and a family tradition on a Sunday afternoon when my house was filled my with aunts, cousins – It was after a hearty meal that the much awaited “dessert” made its grand entry. I used to pedal the cycle at a max speed to the nearest ice cream outlet to fetch a family pack of “Ice cream Cake”. It was a time when many flavours were unknown and coming to look at the metamorphosis the food industry has gone through now, it seems enormous.

Here is an opportunity for you to recreate those wonderful childhood memories right in your kitchen.

Before I get started I need to prep you on one important aspect “Patience”. Patience is the Key 😉 Let’s play with some flavours and create a new version of your Summer story!

How to Make Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

The method for Chocolate Ice Cream Cake involves four steps:

  1. Bake the Chocolate Cake
  2. Make the Ice cream
  3. Assemble the Ice Cream Cake
  4. Make  the Ganache

How to Make Ice Cream

Starting with how to make the Ice Cream.

Ingredients for Ice Cream

  • 250 ml Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 3tbsp Condensed Milk
  • 1/2 a cup Nutella

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe


Take the Whipping cream in a wide-mouthed bowl. Whip the cream until soft peaks are formed. You can hasten the whipping process by placing the bowl in an ice bath and then whipping. Once peaks start to appear add the condensed milk and nutella to the cream. Blend until all the ingredients are thoroughly incorporated.

Once the mixture is whipped to form stiff peaks, transfer them into disposable piping bags.

Here is a simple technique you could follow when you do not have a helping hand. Take a tall glass, slide in the piping bag into the glass, tuck out the remaining portion over the rim of the glass. Place the glass on a stable surface and voila! ain’t it an easy trick? now start filling in the cone carefully.

Keep in mind not to fill the bag totally, since you need some space to hold it as well.

Once you have filled in the piping  bags, place them in an air-tight container and leave them inside the fridge until you prep up for the rest.

Take the chocolate cake and cut them horizontally in two equal halves. If you are wondering how to make an easy and simple chocolate cake, click here to get the recipe.

How to Set the Ice Cream Cake

You will need a sturdy strip of plastic sheet, I have used an OHP sheet cut into strips and secured with a sellotape. A simpler and easy option would be using a round spring form pan, even in that case you will need to coat the sides  of the tin with a parchment paper. This is to ensure that the ice cream doesn’t get stuck to the mould. Take care that the circumference of the cake is smaller than that of the mould, so that the sides are well coated and have a fair share of ice cream.

Place the first layer of cake in the center of the mould. Once you do this , you will notice that there is enough space along the circumference of the cake to be filled with the ice cream.

Take out the piping bags filled with the mixture, make a cut at the tip. Squeeze out the cream and fill in the sides of the cake. Once the sides are filled, start filling the top portion of the cake too. With the help of a spoon or an off set spatula, level out the cream.

Place the second portion on the cake on top of the creamy layer and repeat the process. Give it a gentle tap, to ensure that there aren’t any air pockets.

Once this is done leave it in the freezer for 6 – 8hrs and let it freeze.

How to Make an Easy Ganache

It is extremely easy to put together this ‘no-mess’ ganache and once you have done this you will be thrilled to find out how handy this is. You’ll thank me for this:)


  • Cooking Chocolate ( Dark Chocolate) – 200 gms  ( chopped Coarsely)
  • Heavy Cream – 120 gms
  • Butter – 40gms


Take a microwave safe bowl, throw in all the ingredients and microwave on high power for one minute. Pause in between after 40 seconds and stir to ensure that there aren’t any lumps. Microwave again until all the chocolate is thoroughly melted. A thick and rich glazy ganache is ready to be poured on your favourite dessert. If you want it poured on a dessert, ensure it is slightly warm, since it starts setting and turns thick when cooled.

Once the ganache is ready, take out the frozen ice cream cake from the freezer.Carefully demould the cake. Remove it from the spring form pan, and place it carefully on the dish you want to assemble it on. Take a hand full of choco chips and smear it on the sides of the cake. Now pour the ganache carefully all over the cake and let it dribble on the sides as well. Finish it by adding in some fun patterns or swirls with the whipped cream. Though you can eat the cake at this point, I advice you to leave it in the freezer for another couple of hours before you eat it.


If you intend to leave it in the freezer for later consumption, say, for a period of up to one month, it can be done. But in this case ensure you loosely cover it with a plastic sheet.

You can swap the flavour by making a basic vanilla sponge and experimenting with vanilla ice cream filled with nuts and dry fruits, it is just a matter of letting your imagination play!

The utterly sinful and delicious ice cream  chocolate cake is ready to be devoured!!

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake
Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Enjoy and  don’t forget to create your own version of Summer Story, share it with us!!

— Recipe and Images Shared by Gayathri Iyer


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  1. I have never seen such most unique ice cream cake. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful blog. I fall in love with this ice cream cake. You are favorite blogger! Keep sharing..


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