Bloggers’ Meet – Flavothon at Cha Bar, New Delhi

Well, officially, now that I’m a food blogger I attended the event “Flavothon” at Cha Bar. I’d met some amazing people there along with Executive Chef Abhishek Basu from The Park.

Before I get into what happened at the event, I would like to speak more on Char Bar, which is an integral part of Oxford Bookstores in Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bhubaneshwar. From Japanese to Arabic, from Moroccan to Russian, Cha Bar offers more than 150 varieties of tea. Grab a book at any of the Oxford Bookstore, pull a chair at Cha Bar and start reading. Oh! and order a Chai for yourself. Tea and Book Reading make a great combo. Isn’t it?

Coming back to the Flavothon, Chef Abhishek Basu shared tips with the bloggers on what to pair with what Tea – only if you want to order snacks – from the menu. For example, mint tea would go well with Chocolate boat, cookie would go well with Masala Chai. You can check out the pairing, shared by Cha Bar with Foodeez Junction, below so that when you visit there next time, you know what to order. Easy!

Food Item Paired tea
Turkish sigara Arabic spice
Madras chicken Bollywood masala mix
Kebab Cha bar blend
Falafel with hummus Moroccon mint
Fritta Khobong
Cocktail sausage roll Makaibari
Erachi Pathiri South Indian organic coffee
Spinach and feta cheese quiche First flush
Matar Kachori Ginger Cha
Keema Pao Truck drivers 100 meel ki chai
Pineapple Colada Muffin Earl grey
Double Choco Chip and walnut muffin Rose
Oats and multigrain Muffin Tulsi
Coconut cookie Peppermint
Jam cookie English breakfast
Brownie Rum
Gulab Jamun Cheese cake Gunpowder
November 2016 Roundup

Enjoy your evening! Leaving behind some delicious pics for you to drool over!! Nooooo! You can visit Cha Bar

— Shared by Sara