Lasooni Kabab at Four Seasons

Four Seasons Tolichowki | Hyderabad

4 Seasons Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Four Seasons in Hyderabad is one of the famous family restaurants. It is situated in the Yousuf Tekri area of Tolichowki, Hyderabad.

Yousuf Tekri, is well-known among Hyderabad foodies. You can get confused with so many restaurants in the circle. Four Seasons, the main branch, is one of them.

I had visited this restaurant thrice; the first and second time I had biryani at Four Seasons, which is pretty good in taste. The third time I visited, recently, to taste food other than biryani at this restaurant.

Four Seasons in Tolichowki is two-storeyed; we (I and my husband) had always preferred to sit on the first floor. As you enter, you will be greeted salam by the host and he will show the way to go on the first floor. Enter the floor and there is no greeter, you just need to open the door. The captain will guide you with the table; it was available even on a weekend around 9 pm. The ambience of the restaurant is dim-lit with the glass separations after every two tables. Though the restaurant is dim-lit, it is a modern and well-planned a.c. restaurant.

As I flipped the menu, I was really impressed by the first page that had an small introduction to Hyderabadi biryani and its origin. You can get various options on Chicken, Mutton and Sea food.

I ordered Lasooni Kebab in starter, and Matka Chicken (medium-spicy) and Tandoori Roti in main course. After 15 minutes, starters were on my table. The presentation and styling looked tempting with carrot flower and grated cabbages and green chutney. The waiter served only the kababs, and left only to help ourselves on the salad! The lasooni kabab was good in taste and you can feel each layer of the chicken kabab cooked properly, it was tender!

I was amused to see that 3-4 minutes after serving the starters, they served main course! I wasn’t expecting this so early. Any how, the food went cold by the time I finished the kababs. Previously, when I had biryani at Four Seasons, they had served onions too but I guess, they have removed it now. There was no onions or lemon salad with the food. Be prepared, if you are ordering main course, you need to spend some extra money on salad too.

The chicken was cooked just right. The gravy had more of the taste of dalchini or cinnamon. Tandoori Roti, may be hot was good, but the cold one formed crust and was slightly hard on the outer surface. Looking around, I found most of the people ordering either Khabsa or Biryani. Though I haven’t had Khabsa but the biryani is simply awesome in taste.

Talking about the quantity of the food, it’s slightly less for two people. They can serve slightly more given the price they charge for each cuisine. I didn’t ordered any dessert as I already had ice-cream waiting in my refrigerator.

If you are visiting Four Seasons in Tolichowki or at any other branch just go for the biryani. I won’t recommend matki chicken in main course.


Yes For –

  1. Biryani, I had twice, is tasty.
  2. Ambience is good.
  3. It’s a complete Family, multi-cuisine restaurant and has a parking space too!

No For –

  1. High Price and Less Quantity, not sufficient for two.
  2. Service can be improved. It is just okay and not very good.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Note: I managed to post only one photo since I, accidentally, deleted pictures from my phone; hope to post pictures whenever I visit Four Seasons again.

— Shared by Sara Khan

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