Imli Chutney Recipe

Khatti Meethi Imli Ki Chutney

Chutney does not have any specific meaning, but is a spicy condiment used to garnish various Indian dishes. It is a side dish, specially used in North Indian food. Chutney is a mix of sweet, spicy and sour flavour. It is made by adding sugar and different spices. To give flavours we can make it with mango, mint, green coriander, coconut, peanuts or ginger and garlic and of course last but not the least Tamarind (imli). Some chutneys are in gelatinous consistency and some are in liquid form.

South Indian chutneys are mostly prepared in gelatinous consistency. Their special and famous chutneys are made of peanuts and coconut. South Indians prefer to eat peanut or coconut chutneys with Dosa and Idlis.

Americans and Europeans use vinegar and also other flavours in chutneys.

Homemade chutneys are much more healthier than the preserved chutneys that are available in super markets. North Indians like to eat chutney with various foods like dal-chawal, Missi roti and many more dishes. Above all they make chutneys specially for chaats. We can give variations to chutneys by adding different fruits and spices to it. Continue reading “Khatti Meethi Imli Ki Chutney”