Chicken 65

Chicken 65 Recipe

CHICKEN 65 is spicy and extremely yummylicious and mouth-watering dish of South India. The Chicken 65 has its origin from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Usually, it is served as starters, snacks but some like it in main course.

I’d never been to South India but I am very much fascinated towards the South Indian dishes like dosa, idli and Chicken 65, of course.

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Chicken 65 and its Name

There are many stories behind the name of this South Indian dish, Chicken 65. One reports that in a Chennai military canteen, this Chicken dish was on number 6 on the menu card. When the soldiers would want to order it, they would simply ask for the number 65 and, thus, the name Chicken 65 came into being. The other story reveals, to make this dish, it would take almost 65 days to prepare; another one says since Chicken 65 was a combination of 65 spices, hence the name. While another story reveals that Chicken 65 was introducd by Buhari Hotel in Chennai.

Whatsoever is its origin, I like the dish very much and I bet once you cook it for your dear ones (like I did) your Chicken 65 will be more in demand!

Chicken 65 can me made in various ways. Usually Chicken 65 is made with the boneless chicken but here since I was making it at home I’d taken the chicken with bones. It’s up to you whether you want to make it boneless or along with bones.

This dish is full of protein, and gives an amazing taste. It is very soft, juicy and crispy in texture. So, make it on your own. I promise you won’t go to the restaurant for Chicken 65 next time because you already know how to make the yummylicious Chicken 65.

I didn’t add eggs in Chicken 65, as I don’t like the taste and smell of it. Instead I have used yoghurt. Try this eggless form of Chicken 65.  Continue reading “Chicken 65 Recipe”