An Interview with Prince Parmar – The Food Bite Lover

Today’s interview comes all the way from Mumbai and is brought to us by Prince Parmar or the Food Bite Lover. Let’s get to know his journey as a foodie.

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What’s your name? Where are you located?

I’m Prince Parmar from Mumbai.

How did you become passionate about food?

Through my sibling who is a blogger.

How was your experience at the various cities across India where you had travelled?

I have travelled to many of the cities in India and my food experience was too good.

What’s the story behind starting your Instagram account?

My sibling, @shutuploudly, is a blogger and a mentor to me. I draw my inspiration from him.

What is your favourite food memory?

Kebab Paratha; I had it in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

How do you get your inspiration?

By eating different food from different places, and the respect the place staff or manager or the owner gives.

What has enabled you to find success? 

Food Travel Entertainment

What do you find new and exciting about the food industry?

From one thing we can create my things and ya doing experiments on food is too much fun.

The Biggest Challenges you faced while putting up your profile?

Reviews, followers and likes.

What keeps you going?

People who know me call me foodie, parents and wife who are with me.

Where do you see yourself in five-ten years?

I am at becoming among the top bloggers.

What do you most love about your job/work?

I love to travel, eat different types of food, making people know that there are places for lip-smacking food. I could blog from anywhere, all I need is a place to write.

A recipe that you would want the entire world to know.

Not recipes till now but I had created a mocktail with passion fruit and espresso flavour. Named it TUFUN.

RECIPE Take two to three fresh mint leaves mashed in a mocktail glass. Add sugar and lime syrup according to taste. Add passion fruit flavour 20ml and espresso 10 ml. Add sprite to it. Enjoy Tufun.

Favourite foods?

Chinese, Maggi, shakes and mocktails

What do you do for fun?

Travel the city to find something new in food.

If you had just one wish, what would it be?

Top blogger or Top Entrepreneur

Best piece of advice you would give a food enthusiast?

Don’t waste food. You can order in small portions.

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