Snacks Recipes for Diwali

What to Make in Snacks This Diwali | Recipes

Diwali! The name itself makes me go down the memory lane. We would meet and greet everyone, while I specially used to attend the puja at my friend’s place. As I say, childhood memories are the best ones!

Diwali is the symbol of the triumph of good over evil. It is incomplete without the exchange of sweets and savouries with family and friends. I don’t know how many (or all of you) wait for your Diwali bonuses, a gift from office 😉 .. Well, I used to wait for it 😀

This post is totally about snacks recipes for Diwali. I’ve collected a few from my previous blog posts itself and added here, so that it becomes easier for you to decide from the many options on the big question – What To Make this Diwali!

Here are the Snacks Recipes you can make this Diwali.

  1. Cornflakes Namkeen

    Namkeen Recipes
    Cornflakes Namkeen

    Starting with Cornflakes Namkeen. The best thing about this savory is, you can store it for many days in an air-tight container. The nutty texture and the combination of curry leaves and fennel seeds will make you want more namkeen.

  2. Mullu MurukkuMullu Murukku

    We don’t want you to spend a lot of time in Kitchen on Badi Diwali 🙂 . So, again here is another recipe you can prepare a few days ahead of Diwali and keep in an air-tight container.

  3. Aloo ki Kachori

    Aloo Kachori
    Aloo Kachori

    Kachoris can be made with moong dal, peas or urad dal stuffing. But here is easy Aloo ki Kachori recipe which goes well with Imli ki Chutney. Aloo ki Kachoris are meal in themselves. You can do the preparation a day ahead of Diwali and stuff and fry when guests come to meet you.

  4. Dahi Phulki

    Dahi Phulki
    Dahi Phulki is ready!

    This is a 20-25-minute recipe. I’m sure your guests will like the Dahi phulkis.

  5. Aratikaya Bajji Recipe

    Aratikaya Bajji Recipe

    For a festive quotient, try these Crispy Raw Banana Fritters.


  6. Labnani Kabab

    Labnani Kebab Recipe
    Lebnani Kebab Recipe

    This is for those who want to include a non-veg in their menu. Labnani Kababs are one of the coolest thing you will serve to your family and guests. It is made of minced meat, potatoes, peas and noodles. Find out how to make these crunchy kababs yourself.

If you want your Diwali recipe to be added here, just email me at . I would love to make the count to Ten Snacks Recipes. Don’t forget to share your love on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you made any of these cuisines with our recipes mention us with #foodeezjunction and we will love to hear and share your pic on our social media pages.

Oh! and Wait, there is more. Next up will be Sweet or Dessert Recipes for Diwali.. the fellow bloggers can share their recipe to be featured on my blog; email me for more details.

–Shared by Sara

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2 thoughts on “What to Make in Snacks This Diwali | Recipes

    1. Hey, Thank you for the suggestion. I’m publishing a new post that focuses just on Diwali Sweets, will add the recipe for Chandrakala gujhia there. If you are looking for the Chandrakala recipe specifically let me know, I’ll share the link, it’s already there on the blog.


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