Mullu Murukku

Mullu Murukku Recipe

‘Murukku’, a traditional South Indian snack, has its origin deep rooted in Tamil Nadu. ‘Murukku’ literally translates to ‘twist’ in Tamil. Owing to the progressive layers of twist, the dough acquires the name – ‘Murukku’. It is a very common sight in a South Indian household where before any special occasion womenfolk painstakingly make this crispy savoury and fill it in those tall stainless drums. Each house will have a fair share of story attached to the making of the murukku; though the recipe may be the same – there is more to it. Years of practice, deftness of hands and above all watchful eyes like a hawk that knows when exactly the ‘Murukku’ is done – all sums up for those  “awesome, crispy murukkus”. Don’t get worried, today I’m going to hand you down an extremely simple recipe which does not need hours of preparation. Continue reading “Mullu Murukku Recipe”