Eat well but… Let’s Check out What Suman Doogar from Nomadic Shoes has to say about Food and Travel | Interview

Suman Doogar is a traveller, teacher and of course a foodie. Today’s interview comes all the way from Delhi and is brought to us by Suman, from Nomadic Shoes. You need to see her blog and Instagram. If you have got the taste of ‘nomadic shoes’, join her small group travels too. Suman organises small group travels to offbeat as well as famous places in India, where you certainly get to explore the various cuisines in India, including local. Let’s get to know her journey more.

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Tell us about yourself.

I am Suman Doogar from New Delhi. I am a teacher and a travel writer.

When I say FOOD, three things that come to your mind?

Butter chicken, cake and burger.

Have you stayed in any other city?

I have stayed in Aligarh for three years while doing my graduation from Aligarh Muslim University. The experience was decent, mess food was as it is everywhere around the world in hostels but we did manage to modify the mess food in our hostel rooms and delivery from outside was always an option. I ate beef for the first time there, the kebabs were delicious and the hall dinner food was always a treat.

What is FOOD for you?

For me FOOD is LIFE; Essential for survival and important for good mood. My husband teases me that when I am hungry I can be compared to Hitler at that time.

Your two favourite food memories?

One is the food walk I had conducted at Chandni Chowk recently. Another one is at Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh where I had a chicken dish made in a bamboo shoot without any oil and chutney made up of passion fruit leaves and crushed peanuts.

Best Recipe you know.

Chingri Malai curry, a Bengali dish made with prawns and coconut milk.

Who in the food world do you most admire? What if you could meet or say a “Hi” on your social media profile?

Sia from Monsoon Spice. It will be great to get an opportunity to cook with her once.

What is your day like?

Busy, I juggle many roles in a day. Being a teacher, travel blogger, an Instagram influencer and that of a wife takes up all my time.

What do you love most about your job/work?

I love teaching, the rapport with my students means a lot to me. As a writer, I love exploring new places and sharing them with my readers.

If you had just one wish, what would it be?

Go on a food exploration trip around the world to learn new recipes.

Best piece of advice you would give to another foodie.

Eat well but mind your waist too!

Sharing some of the food pics from the Suman’s Nomadic Shoes’ Instagram….

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***Attention Foodies of Delhi*** Do you like good food? Good ambience? Minimalist decor? Are you environmentally conscious? Are you a coffee connoisseur? If your answer is in affirmative then you HAVE to check out '2 Tree Coffee Cafe' at PVR Saket. . . This newly opened cafe in Saket is a much needed space for people like me, who loves food, positive vibes, conversation and coffee. . . On the table: 1. Ms.Daisy Burger 2. Southern Belle Sandwich 3. Cafe Bombon (my new favourite) 4. Mazagran black coffee 5. California wrap with garlic fries 6. Asparagus rolls (veggies and cheese stuffing) 7. Dips – Basil pesto, Haideri, chilli garlic aioli, boom sauce, apple butter and garlic aioli. . . The USP of 2 Tree Coffee is that they serve Conscious Coffee that believes in supporting communities and not commodities. The decor is soothing – full of positivity and I loved the choice of music (Buddhist chants). The owner, Arav knows his coffee well. If you are confused and can't decide what to order, then just ask him. He will suggest you the best according to your taste and preference. . . I am definitely going back. Doulos Jose how about Sunday brunch?

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Chalti ka Naam gaadi 🚂 One of the most beautiful places I have ever been to is #Haflong in #Assam. . . From the magnificent train journey to the beautiful station surrounded by lush green mountains, to the hotel where we stayed. From the bumpy yet adventurous ride to the villages hidden in the heart of Assam to meeting warm and genuine people. From your knowledgeable guide @bankim_haflong to the monsoon rains. I loved everything about Haflong. . . If you are planning to go to Assam then make sure Haflong is on our list. I along with @nookandcorners were hosted by @greenerpastures on this unforgettable journey to the Indian hinderland. . . #AssamTourism #NorthEastIndia #Trains #Monsoons #India #HatkeIndia

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Meet Mahua Bose, The Founder of Kohka Organics | Interview

This foodie interview comes all the way from Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh and is brought to us by Mahua Bose, the founder of Kohka Organics. Her unique idea and motive behind starting Kohka Organics is an inspiration to us. By growing and selling the organic food, Mahua has found her way to promote the women tribals of Kohka Village in Madhya Pradesh. Her office is the farm at Pench and she absolutely loves to stay with nature all day!

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Read what she has to say about her affair with the nature, organic food and working for the local women of Kohka village. And there is a recipe of Pumpkin Kheer shared by Mahua Bose. Scroll down to read.

Tell us about yourself. How did you become passionate about food?

I gave up the concrete jungle life of Delhi for a peaceful and soulful life around the green forest area and settled in Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh. I had quit my media profession too and turned to supporting sustainable livelihood for the tribes in the area through Kohka Organics. This is where I realized what food is all about while helping/working with my husband,  Shourabh Ghosh, co-owner of Kohka Wilderness Camp.

What’s Kohka Organics is about?

“Kohka Organics” is an initiative of Kohka Foundation which we started while running Kohka Wilderness Camp. Our aim is to provide sustainable livelihoods to the tribes of Kohka Village at Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. We focus on reviving old ways of preparation, recipes and preservation of products. Here everything is natural, organic, sourced and prepared by the females of Kohka Village. The produce is made using natural and fresh goods and no artificial preservatives are used. From Grains, Spices to Vegetables and even the Oil used is all procured locally and organically.

When did you know you wanted to be a food entrepreneur?

Well, I never thought of it “that I’ll be a food entrepreneur”, but with experience and being a foodie I understood the true meaning of good quality food and what it does to the body. And after realizing all the goodness I felt that the best I can do is share it.

Did you get training in setting up the Kohka Organics?

My training! I am a bit of self-taught, good bit from my mom’s and also local recipes of Madhya Pradesh. My women self-help group help me to revive old lost recipes.

What’s the story behind starting Kohka Organics?

It all started with growing own food and making preservatives. Once that was done we started to share and fortunately, everyone started to like it and asked for more. It is then a name was given “Kohka Organics”. We serve everything organic here in our resort ‘Kohka Wilderness Camp’. We grow Vegetables on our own. Honey comes from the forest, pickles, spread, papad, vadi all organic and natural. One fine day my husband said, ‘why don’t you do it on a bit large scale so that our guests take back organic memories to home. This is how it started and now I have a small women brigade.

What is your favourite food memory?

All food is good. But since you asked I am sure everyone will agree that “Ghar ka khana” is the best. I feel lucky that our property also serves simple, delicious “Ghar ka khana” where we all take personal care of the Oil, Spices and Vegetables used.

How do you get your inspiration?

When I saw the Fruits and Vegetables on the plants/trees that I had sown grow in front of me.

What has enabled you to find success?

Hard work.

What do you find new and exciting about the food industry?

More and more people are getting inspired by Organic food and the Industry adopting it is something good to see.

The Biggest Challenges you faced while starting your venture?

From a lavish media house in Delhi to work long hours under the harsh sun with rural women.

What keeps you going?

The constructive feedback.

What is your day like?

Work in my organic garden, roam in the jungle and play with my labrador 😀

Mahua Bose Interview with Foodeez Junction
This pic is adorable! Isn’t it?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Well! It’s too early to say anything, I am taking baby steps, learning every day. I just want to do my work sincerely and want to grow my women brigade and empower them.

What do you most love about your job?

No traffic jams, no rush to reach office on time. The jungle is my workstation and I am loving it.

A recipe that you would want the entire world to know.

A popular dessert among tribes of Madhya Pradesh. It’s Ripened Pumpkin Kheer recipe. Ingredients- 1. Ripe Pumpkin- 250 gm 2. Milk- 1 ltr 3. One bay leaf 4. half teaspoon cardamom powder 5. chopped dry fruits 6. Gur (Jaggery)- 200 gms How to make- Take a Deep pan, pour milk and drop a bay leaf. Reduce the milk to half. Meanwhile, deseed the riped pumpkin and steam it, add the pumpkin to milk and cook for 5 minutes. Just before switch off the gas add crushed jaggery and stir well, soon gur dissolve then add cardamom powder and chopped dry fruit. This kheer tastes delicious as well as looks delicious, its slight yellowish in colour. P.S. don’t add jaggery in mid of the preparation.

Favourite ingredient to cook with?


What do you do for fun?

I try to bake goodies and fail 😛

If you had just one wish, what would it be?

I wish I had one big-big Mango Farm.

Best piece of advice you would give a food enthusiast?

Eat Healthy, Cook Healthy and keep one day as a cheat day.

Three tips for the ones who look for starting a food business

  1. Go Natural. 2. Believe in your taste. 3. Work Hard

— As told to Sara Khan

Sharing some of the pics and videos from the Kohka Organics’ Instagram profile page.

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