Plum Ice Cream Recipe

Plum Ice Cream, My Perfect Dessert Idea

Here is step by step guide to Homemade Plum Ice cream Recipe.

Ice cream! Or should I say I scream for Ice cream! 😀 Whether it is summer or winter season, if you are an ice cream lover, you will always have it. Ice creams, specially in summers refresh me. I love to have this dessert after main course; if possible I can have it daily!

From among the uncountable variations, I’m sharing how to make plum ice cream at home. I had made this ice cream twice at home and it was liked by everyone, including me. This Plum ice cream tastes marvelous for its sweet and sour flavour.

I Use Borosil Bowl for Mixing the Ingredients, You can get Yourself One from Amazon

This is a four-ingredient Plum ice cream recipe. To make this dessert you need to buy ripe plums. Choose carefully when you are at the fruit market. The tip of ripe plums are slightly soft. Generally, you can get fresh Plums from May.

I had taken Damson plums as it’s darker in colour and I thought it would attract my daughter more. And it did! Damson Plums, dark black-purple in colour, are sweet in nature. If you are making this ice cream, I would suggest to buy these plums. These black-purple plums make a tasty treat for you.


For your ease I’m listing down some sweet plums:

  1. Mirabelle plums – dark yellow
  2. Damson Plums – purple or black
  3. Victoria plum – reddish yellow

How to Make Plum Ice Cream at Home

I’d used whipped full fat cream, powdered sugar, chopped plums and vanilla essence to make plum ice cream. And of course you need  freezer 🙂 We had finished eating this mouth-melting plum ice cream within minutes!

Servings 3 bowls; Preparation time 15 minutes

Freezing time 5-6 hours or until it gets ready to be served


  • 100 ml of fresh full-fat whipping cream
  • 1/2 cup powdered/icing sugar
  • 1/4 tspn vanilla essence (liquid vanilla)
  • 3-4 dark Dark-coloured, sweet plums


Whip the full-fat cream in a big bowl, slowly add powdered sugar. Mix well. Whip the cream until it’s thickened. Add vanilla essence and mix. Once the cream is whipped, cover and keep it aside.

Now, wash the plums, remove seeds and roughly chop or cut it into four pieces. Grind it coarsely. Just run your grinder for 10 seconds only.

Transfer this coarse paste of plums directly to the whipped cream and mix them, lightly. We are almost done. Now we just need to freeze the ice cream.

Freezing the plum Ice cream

Transfer the mixture into an ice cream making bowl or freezer safe container, close the lid or cover with parchment paper and freeze.

After two hours, take out the ice cream and with the help of a spoon mix well, cover it again and place it back in the freezer until firm.

After 4-5 hours, the mouth-watering plum ice cream will be ready. Scoop it out in a serving bowl.

Warning: When eating with your siblings, save your ice cream 😀

Enjoy this yummilicious home-made plum ice cream!

Tip: Taste the plums before grinding them. If they are sour, you would need to adjust the sugar quantity. Rest of the process is same.

Homemade Plum Ice Cream is my idea for a perfect dessert on weekends. What is yours? Write to me at

— Recipe and Images Shared by Shumayala Khan


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