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We Are Inviting Interviews from Food Enthusiasts


As you might have noticed Foodeez Junction is undergoing some changes, I’m aiming to re-start the food blog with the newer approach. I hope you will like this food guide. As you know, all the processes require team and efforts, you can get associated with us or send your food-related articles for guest posting on

An important thing is — I am right now conducting interviews on my blog, but it is limited to Indian food enthusiasts only. Right now, the interviews are freeee. You only need to fill the questionnaire I’ll send on your email id. If this interests you, I’m sure you want to get featured on India’s Only Food Guide, email me Continue reading “We Are Inviting Interviews from Food Enthusiasts”

Transformation from a Food Lover to a Foodie and then to a Food Blogger

I like eating… that most of the food lovers say. But you actually turn to be a FOODIE when you develop the palate for food, when you know what it takes to cooking and when you start hunting for more answers on Food…. transformation begins then.
While talking to a food blogger friend, I realized what it takes to be a Foodie. It’s just not about just knowing the recipes or talking about food at a restaurant or talking about what to include on your kitchen rack. NO. Don’t count yourself as a Foodie then. It’s a very much serious affair.

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