Gur ke Meethe Chawal Recipe

Gur k meethey chawal is the dessert made of gur, that is jaggery, and chawal, that is rice. In other words we can say that this dish consists of sweet rice made with jaggery. This dessert is popular dish from Uttar Pradesh, India. Gur ke Meethey Chawal is my all-time favourite dessert or you can say it’s my childhood delight. I love to have this with warm milk and sometimes malai over it :D. This recipe is my mom’s and I’m passing on it to you.

While cooking Gur ke meethey chawal, I went to the flashback where my mom used to make this dessert with so much love and we would gobble our bowl’s gur ke meethe chawal just to take our siblings’.

This dessert is golden brown in colour with main ingredient being jaggery or gur. We can add other flavours like pure ghee, cloves and dry fruits to make it more delicious. You can have it, as it is or just have it with slight warm milk. It will give an amazing taste and in return your tummy will be full with a healthy dessert! I would rather keep calling it a healthy dessert because of Jaggery in the dish. Jaggery or gur has its own health benefits as it makes our digestive system strong.

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It is also known as Meetha Bhat.

Not much ingredients are there in Gur ke meethey chawal but the process of cooking takes time, i.e., one hour 30 minutes or sometimes less.

How to Make Gur ke Meethey Chawal

Now, not talking too much let’s have a look on the Recipe card.

Servings 5-6


  • 200 gm rice
  • 200 gm crushed gur or jaggery
  • 1 tspn pur ghee
  • 3-4 cloves
  • 2-3 green cardamoms
  • some dry fruits to garnish
  • 1 cup warm milk

Preparation of Gur water

Firstly, take the gur or jaggery and crush it nicely. Soak the crushed gur in water for an hour so that it melts nicely.

Preparation of Meetha Bhat

After an hour when gur completely dissolves in water, strain it and keep the water. Now, take the washed rice in a cooking pot. Add the strained gur water into it. You can add more plain water if needed. Bring it to one scald, then lower the flame. Cook it until done fully. Now, in a small pan heat pure ghee for 20 seconds then add cloves and green cardamom. Put off the flame immediately after adding cardamom and cloves to it. Take a serving dish. Transfer the dessert on the dish. Garnish with dry fruits.

Have this amazing and super tasty Gur k meethey chawal either cold or hot with warm milk or without milk or with cold milk. The combination is amazing – hot meethey chawal with cold milk…. wooooooo! Nothing affects the yummmm and saporous taste of this dessert.

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Tip: Remember, if you are taking Basmati rice soak it for half an hour and then cook.

— Recipe and Images Shared by Shumayala Khan