Chatpata Kala Chana Recipe

Chatpata Kala Chana Recipe for Ramadan

Here is the step by step guide to Chatpata Kala Chana recipe. You can call it chana chat too.

Kala chana is known with various names – black gram, dark chickpeas, Bengal gram and desi chana. It is highly nutritious and is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Kala chana is considered as dal and vegetable both. Continue reading “Chatpata Kala Chana Recipe for Ramadan”

Matar Nimona

Hari Matar ka Nimona Recipe| How to Make Nimona

Hari Matar Nimona is a thick gravy of green peas with diced potatoes in it.

I learnt this Matar Nimona recipe from my mom. If you haven’t made this still, try at home once and you will fall in love with this matar recipe; this cuisine is something different from the usual. Mom used to make it more in winter season as we get fresh peas then. Still if you don’t get fresh peas, you can try making this hari matar ka nimuna with the frozen ones. Continue reading “Hari Matar ka Nimona Recipe| How to Make Nimona”


Mutton Khichda Recipe

Mutton Khichda, an all-in-one cuisine, is a combination of lentils, broken wheat, rice and meat.

Khichda, nowhere related to Khichdi, is my another favourite, after biryani. Khichda is more famous among Muslims of South Asia. It is served in the main course. Khichda is specially cooked in the month of Ramadan and Muharram. But this is such a dish that once you taste it, you’ll feel like having any time. Continue reading “Mutton Khichda Recipe”

Plum Ice Cream Recipe

Plum Ice Cream, My Perfect Dessert Idea

Here is step by step guide to Homemade Plum Ice cream Recipe.

Ice cream! Or should I say I scream for Ice cream! 😀 Whether it is summer or winter season, if you are an ice cream lover, you will always have it. Ice creams, specially in summers refresh me. I love to have this dessert after main course; if possible I can have it daily!

From among the uncountable variations, I’m sharing how to make plum ice cream at home. I had made this ice cream twice at home and it was liked by everyone, including me. This Plum ice cream tastes marvelous for its sweet and sour flavour. Continue reading “Plum Ice Cream, My Perfect Dessert Idea”

Punjabi Rajma Masala Curry

Punjabi Rajma Masala Curry Recipe for Main Course

Rajma is a north-Indian cuisine. This high-in-protein cuisine is also known as rajma beans, red kidney beans and cannellini beans.

Rajma is much popular among the Punjabis. There are three types of Rajma or kidney beans. One is dark red which is also known as cannellini beans and the other one is light red or pink and the third one is white in colour. The cooking time vary for all these beans. So, if you are taking white kidney beans be sure to adjust the time as it takes less time to cook. Continue reading “Punjabi Rajma Masala Curry Recipe for Main Course”

How to Make Roti

How to Make Soft and Round Roti | How to Knead Atta

Roti or phulka is hand-made flat bread cooked on tawa.

Roti is made of kneaded wheat flour or gehu ka atta, in Hindi. The recipe of roti involves kneading a soft dough of wheat flour with the knuckles of the hand. After kneading, it is kept aside for 15 minutes to settle and then the roti is made. Some people add salt and 1 tsp oil in the flour while kneading the dough for roti. I avoid it. Continue reading “How to Make Soft and Round Roti | How to Knead Atta”

Recipe for Kadhi Pakora, an All-Time Favorite!

Kadhi Pakora is an all-time favourite dish in northern part of India. I call this recipe for Kadhi pakoda as Shandar Kadhi as it looks so beautiful and its taste takes you to the other world.

Kadhi or Karhi (as some may call) is served as main course. You might have heard of Kadhi Chawal, this combination is spot on! I, absolutely, love this kadhi pakoda recipe.

Kadhi is made by thick gravy of sour yogurt (dahi) or buttermilk, by adding chickpea or gram flour that is besan in hindi, with fritters of vegetables or gram flour dipped in the curry or Kadhi. Continue reading “Recipe for Kadhi Pakora, an All-Time Favorite!”

Keema Aloo Matar Recipe

Keema Aloo Matar | Mutton Keema Recipe

Keema Aloo Matar is one of the main course recipes popular among north Indians. This is a non-veg recipe made using minced mutton keema (meat), potato (aloo) and green peas (hari matar).

Keema Aloo Matar is equally healthy as it has both, vegetables and meat as ingredients.

This non-veg cuisine is famous among South Asians too. Its place of origin is India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. The various other cuisines that can be made with Keema are samosa and spring rolls.

Keema aloo matar has many significant nutrients like proteins, carbohydrate and dietary fibre. And above all you need not worry for the bones 😉 . I like the flavours of the Indian spices, it gives a heavenly taste! Continue reading “Keema Aloo Matar | Mutton Keema Recipe”

Baraf ka Gola Recipe

Beat the Heat with Juicy Barf ka Churmura

Barf ka Churmura Recipe is the easiest and will be loved by one and all.

Juicy Barf ka Churmura or Baraf ka Gola is a frozen dessert recipe. The name Baraf ka Gola relates to Mumbai. Even if you find a stall anywhere in India, whether Delhi or Lucknow, you will find this particular line on it “BOMBAY KA ICE GOLA“. The hawkers make this Barf ka Churmura with artificial flavours but Ting Ting… today, I’m going to disclose the healthy recipe of this sweet ice dessert with original flavourful juices.

Be it the beach side or the comfort of my home, I enjoy this Barf ka Churmura (as I call it) in hot summers. This one such sweet and yummy dessert is something I and my daughter can have almost daily 🙂

Toh phir… Kuch Thanda ho Jaye Continue reading “Beat the Heat with Juicy Barf ka Churmura”

Dessert Recipe: How to Make Chandrakala Gujiya

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Chandrakala gujiya is a Holi-special sweet and an all time classic. This traditional sweet Chandrakala Gujiya has a delectable taste and you get different flavours in one sweet dish. The recipe and the dessert both are completely Indian. Continue reading “Dessert Recipe: How to Make Chandrakala Gujiya”

Aloo Tamatar ki Sabzi Recipe

Aloo Tamatar ki Sabzi Recipe

Aloo tamatar ki sabzi recipe is one of the easiest. Aloo tamatar ki sabzi is a great combination of cooked veggies potato and tomato.

If you are in a hurry and are getting late for work, you can cook this dish within 15 minutes or less than that. Yes, I’m right! All you have to do is to peel and cut the potatoes in small cubes and pressure cook it by adding tomatoes with onion, green chillies and coriander. And Salt too!

Tomatoes give a taste of sourness to the dish which takes the dish to another level. Potato is a healthy vegetable as it contains lots of vitamins. Continue reading “Aloo Tamatar ki Sabzi Recipe”

Caramelized Strawberries With Cream

Caramelized Strawberries with Cream

Caramelized Strawberries with Cream is an English cuisine but the recipe below has an Indian twist. Strawberries and Cream – doesn’t it sound like a heavenly combination? Ahhhh… it this dessert tasted the same and I love it more when my daughter finished a full glass of Caramelized Strawberries with Cream.

Here is how I to make the Caramelized Strawberry with Cream Recipe. I’d caramelized the strawberries first with the help of castor sugar and then arranged in a serving glass along with whipped cream. It’s like an achievement to trying out something new… and Yayyy .. I did it. It turned out really beautiful and delicious. Continue reading “Caramelized Strawberries with Cream”

Kashmiri Dum Aloo Recipe

Kashmiri dum Aloo is one of the famous dishes of Kashmir. It is served at family functions or parties. People also make it during festivals in Kashmir. There are many historical refrences for this dish. Its main ingredients are small sized potatoes and yogurt (dahi or curd). Kashmiri dum aloo is prepared by deep frying the small-sized potatoes, later on it is cooked with yogurt curry and spices like saunf (fennel), zeera (cumin), and other aromatic spices. Continue reading “Kashmiri Dum Aloo Recipe”

How to Make Mixed Veg Rolls

Mixed Veg Rolls and Kebabs Recipe

Mixed Veg Rolls and Kebabs are an amazing snacks or side dish, specially for kids. You can serve the veg kebabs as starters by making it in the shape of kebabs. It is purely an Indian dish. Mixed Veg Rolls are made with many vegetables. You can give variations to the mixed veg kebab by adding many other vegetables that are easily available in market.

If you are health conscious, instead of deep frying, you can shallow fry. The scrumptious taste of the mixed veg rolls or kebabs are everlasting. Continue reading “Mixed Veg Rolls and Kebabs Recipe”