Cookery Workshop with Sanjeev Kapoor – Season -2 | Press Release

Kolkata, 1st June 2018: Media Connect organized a Cookery Workshop with SANJEEV KAPOOR, the Ace Master Chef and the King of Cooking today on 26th May 2018 (Saturday) at Sapphire Banquet (on EM Bypass), Kolkata. Sanjeev Kapoor is the most celebrated face of Indian cuisine today. He is Chef extraordinaire, runs a successful TV Channel ‘FoodFood’, author of best-selling cookbooks, restaurateur and winner of several culinary awards! He is living his dream of making Indian cuisine the number one in the world and empowering Indian women through the power of cooking to become self-sufficient. Chef Kapoor has also been conferred with ‘Best Chef of India’ award by the Government of India. So, the City of Joy, Kolkata was lucky enough to get a chance to give their cooking dreams a flight by learning culinary skills from the Master Chef himself! The event was attended by eminent personalities as chief guests which included: Mrs. Shobha Indani (Renowned Chef from Pune)Mrs. Ruchika Gupta (Director, Sanmarg) and many others.

Kolkata Cookery Workshop Sanjeev Kapoor Foodeez Junction

The Cookery Workshop by Sanjeev Kapoor was organized by Media Connect at Sapphire Banquets (On EM Bypass), Kolkata today with hundreds of energized audience who were seen jotting down all tips & tricks while following the recipes. The participants present there got a chance to learn & witness practical demo & Live Cooking of Multi-cuisine, Pure Vegetarian dishes in this workshop along with a lot of Tips, Tricks and interactions to improve their everyday cookingThe list of dishes covered in this workshop included:  Pani Puri Sorbet, Orange Feta Salad With Achari Form, Papad Nachos With Mango Salsa, Beetroot Cheese Tikki, Paneer Paturi, Veg Tagine, Mango Baked Yogurt, Peri Peri Paneer Sliders, Pumpkin Pancake, Ratatouille Lasagna, Three Cheese Samosa, Kothimbir Wadi Waffle, Hibiscus Iced Tea, Brownie Cheese Cake, Ice Cream Three Ways- Paan, Walnut & Chikoo Jaggery, etc.

Kolkata Cookery Workshop Sanjeev Kapoor Foodeez Junction

On this occasion, Mr. Ankit AgarwalCo-owner of Media Connect as one of the organizer said “After the first season, which was a superhit two years back, we feel honored to organize this event of Cookery workshop with Sanjeev Kapoor once again because as we all know the Chef has been casting magic spell among the foodies, across the globe, through his delightful delicacies. We wanted the Kolkata foodies to get a chance to learn from the King of Chefs once again.”

Kolkata Cookery Workshop Sanjeev Kapoor Foodeez Junction

Speaking about the event, Mrs. Prerna Kothari FomraCo-owner of Media Connect as one of the organizer said, “Sanjeev Kapoor is the most celebrated face of Indian Cuisine. It is truly said that the belly rules the mind and the Master Chef has proved this quote, time and again. He was here with us once again to share his cooking secrets with the City of Joy, Kolkata. The workshop provided the participants a flight to their cooking dreams where each & every participant gave this feedback that they started to love cooking even more after the workshop and remarked that It’s not every day that we get a chance to meet celebrated Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, whose recipes we’ve tried to replicate in the kitchen for years.”

Kolkata Cookery Workshop Sanjeev Kapoor Foodeez Junction

Talking about the success of the event, Mr. Siddharth SawansukhaMD , Sawansukha Jewellers said, “The workshop which showcased his magical mastery was open to chefs, housewives, connoisseurs and everyone who could gain immensely on the art of making dishes of the exotic variety from the practical lessons and pep talk that the genial and affable globe-trotting Sanjeev Kapoor delivered. It was indeed a pleasure to be a part of this event.”

The special attraction cum add-on bonus for this cookery workshop was Mrs Shobha Indani (Renowned Chef from Pune) who taught surprise instant sweet dishes after the workshop for the participants. Her part was a surprise for the participants as a complimentary benefit from the organizer’s side. She taught more than 15 Mithais to the participants which included: Rasgulla, Chhena Roll, Chhena Sandwich, Malai Chop, Cham-Cham, Ras Madhuri, Gulab Bhog, Angur Rabdi, Kaju Pista Roll, Instant Kalakand, ANjeer Halwa, Orange Chhena Malpua, Khari Baklawa, Dry Fruit Delight, Crunchy Peanut Butter Ball, Fruit and Nut Balls and many other such sweet surprises.

— The Press Release was published as received.

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Meet Mahua Bose, The Founder of Kohka Organics | Interview

This foodie interview comes all the way from Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh and is brought to us by Mahua Bose, the founder of Kohka Organics. Her unique idea and motive behind starting Kohka Organics is an inspiration to us. By growing and selling the organic food, Mahua has found her way to promote the women tribals of Kohka Village in Madhya Pradesh. Her office is the farm at Pench and she absolutely loves to stay with nature all day!

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Read what she has to say about her affair with the nature, organic food and working for the local women of Kohka village. And there is a recipe of Pumpkin Kheer shared by Mahua Bose. Scroll down to read.

Tell us about yourself. How did you become passionate about food?

I gave up the concrete jungle life of Delhi for a peaceful and soulful life around the green forest area and settled in Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh. I had quit my media profession too and turned to supporting sustainable livelihood for the tribes in the area through Kohka Organics. This is where I realized what food is all about while helping/working with my husband,  Shourabh Ghosh, co-owner of Kohka Wilderness Camp.

What’s Kohka Organics is about?

“Kohka Organics” is an initiative of Kohka Foundation which we started while running Kohka Wilderness Camp. Our aim is to provide sustainable livelihoods to the tribes of Kohka Village at Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. We focus on reviving old ways of preparation, recipes and preservation of products. Here everything is natural, organic, sourced and prepared by the females of Kohka Village. The produce is made using natural and fresh goods and no artificial preservatives are used. From Grains, Spices to Vegetables and even the Oil used is all procured locally and organically.

When did you know you wanted to be a food entrepreneur?

Well, I never thought of it “that I’ll be a food entrepreneur”, but with experience and being a foodie I understood the true meaning of good quality food and what it does to the body. And after realizing all the goodness I felt that the best I can do is share it.

Did you get training in setting up the Kohka Organics?

My training! I am a bit of self-taught, good bit from my mom’s and also local recipes of Madhya Pradesh. My women self-help group help me to revive old lost recipes.

What’s the story behind starting Kohka Organics?

It all started with growing own food and making preservatives. Once that was done we started to share and fortunately, everyone started to like it and asked for more. It is then a name was given “Kohka Organics”. We serve everything organic here in our resort ‘Kohka Wilderness Camp’. We grow Vegetables on our own. Honey comes from the forest, pickles, spread, papad, vadi all organic and natural. One fine day my husband said, ‘why don’t you do it on a bit large scale so that our guests take back organic memories to home. This is how it started and now I have a small women brigade.

What is your favourite food memory?

All food is good. But since you asked I am sure everyone will agree that “Ghar ka khana” is the best. I feel lucky that our property also serves simple, delicious “Ghar ka khana” where we all take personal care of the Oil, Spices and Vegetables used.

How do you get your inspiration?

When I saw the Fruits and Vegetables on the plants/trees that I had sown grow in front of me.

What has enabled you to find success?

Hard work.

What do you find new and exciting about the food industry?

More and more people are getting inspired by Organic food and the Industry adopting it is something good to see.

The Biggest Challenges you faced while starting your venture?

From a lavish media house in Delhi to work long hours under the harsh sun with rural women.

What keeps you going?

The constructive feedback.

What is your day like?

Work in my organic garden, roam in the jungle and play with my labrador 😀

Mahua Bose Interview with Foodeez Junction
This pic is adorable! Isn’t it?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Well! It’s too early to say anything, I am taking baby steps, learning every day. I just want to do my work sincerely and want to grow my women brigade and empower them.

What do you most love about your job?

No traffic jams, no rush to reach office on time. The jungle is my workstation and I am loving it.

A recipe that you would want the entire world to know.

A popular dessert among tribes of Madhya Pradesh. It’s Ripened Pumpkin Kheer recipe. Ingredients- 1. Ripe Pumpkin- 250 gm 2. Milk- 1 ltr 3. One bay leaf 4. half teaspoon cardamom powder 5. chopped dry fruits 6. Gur (Jaggery)- 200 gms How to make- Take a Deep pan, pour milk and drop a bay leaf. Reduce the milk to half. Meanwhile, deseed the riped pumpkin and steam it, add the pumpkin to milk and cook for 5 minutes. Just before switch off the gas add crushed jaggery and stir well, soon gur dissolve then add cardamom powder and chopped dry fruit. This kheer tastes delicious as well as looks delicious, its slight yellowish in colour. P.S. don’t add jaggery in mid of the preparation.

Favourite ingredient to cook with?


What do you do for fun?

I try to bake goodies and fail 😛

If you had just one wish, what would it be?

I wish I had one big-big Mango Farm.

Best piece of advice you would give a food enthusiast?

Eat Healthy, Cook Healthy and keep one day as a cheat day.

Three tips for the ones who look for starting a food business

  1. Go Natural. 2. Believe in your taste. 3. Work Hard

— As told to Sara Khan

Sharing some of the pics and videos from the Kohka Organics’ Instagram profile page.

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An Interview with Rifa – The Foodie Deewani

Today’s interview comes all the way from Mumbai and is brought to us by Rifa, popular as the Foodie Deewani. I love how the Instagram family reciprocates the love to her food trails, reviews and talks. Let’s get to know her more.
Alert: It’s long… Grab a cup of coffee and then read. you will enjoy knowing another foodie!

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Thank you Foodeez Junction for giving me this opportunity so very early on to share what Foodie Deewani means to me with the World!
– Rifa

Tell us about yourself.

Hello, My name is Rifa Rafiq Juvale! I am from Mumbai, I am a postgraduate M.Com student as well as a passionate Food Blogger.

How did you become passionate about food?

From childhood itself, I have been a Foodie. Food has been the only thing which gives me amazing satisfaction! While writing reviews, I understood, that it came naturally to me and then decided to go into it in a full-fledged manner. And then things started falling into place one by one, and then, Foodie Deewani, started!

Have you travelled to any other city? How was your food experience there?

I have not travelled anywhere outside India or Maharashtra, to be precise, but I have been to my native place, Kadwai in Ratnagiri and totally love the variety of the traditional food we get.

What’s the story behind starting Foodie Deewani?

I have always loved Food and wanted to share my love for Food and also the dishes made by my mom with the world, that is how Foodie Deewani came into place!

What is your favourite food memory?

I have soo many memories related to food that it is difficult to choose just one. The best memory is when my Mommy and my Dadi make Sheerkurma on Ramzan, Eid and Bakhrid. One of my most favourite memories!

How do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from the people around me! Their motivation and support make me come out with the best content I can.

What has enabled you to find success?

I guess I wanted my simplicity to speak for itself, and it works. And it will speak for itself in the months and years to come, In Sha Allah.

Who in the food world do you most admire?

I admire the home chefs the most. It’s them who carve out a niche for themselves in the food world which has been dominated by professional chefs at large.

What do you find new and exciting about the food industry?

The way restaurants are coming up with new and fusion food, and also, the way food popups and home chefs have been getting their due, that is the best part about it, I feel.

The Biggest Challenges you faced while starting your Instagram profile as Food micro-blogger?

I had zero knowledge about photo and video editing. Also, my photography skills were not so good. I did not know then how to grow my followers and reach out to the foodies, but then, with time I have learnt and I am still learning.

What keeps you going?

The messages from my followers that I motivate them, I inspire them, my journey inspires them… This keeps me going.

What is your day like?

It is just like a normal day in any other person’s life. But, nowadays, Instagram has become an important part of my life too.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten?

I see myself curating and creating more content, converting my passion into my profession, and sharing my love for food as far as I can.

What do you most love about sharing your work?

I love writing about Food, the most. The way, I can experiment with the Writing Skills is what I really love doing and that gives me immense satisfaction. I, also, love the fact that I have started to know more about the cuisines which I had not known earlier.
A recipe that you would want the entire world to know.

I have two of them. First is my Mommy’s Gajar ka Halwa Recipe which I totally love and adore, it is very close to my heart! Second is Chakkar Pulav or Sweet Pulav as it is called, which is my Dadi’s trademark recipe, as we call it at home. These two recipes are very close to my heart. Although, the list is quite huge.

Your favorite foods to cook with?

Well, I do not know how to cook, but I love the way my mommy experiments with her dishes and I know that she loves cooking with Chicken and Prawns.

What do you do for fun?

I listen to music and search about new restaurants on Zomato and read some recipes, even though I do not make them.

If you had just one wish, what would it be?

That wish would be to make the delicious food by my dadi and my mommy and their amazing recipes reach all over the world! That would make me happy! Also, I would like Chef Sanjeev Kapoor to taste at least one of the dishes made by my favourite ladies and get his opinion about them.

Best piece of advice you would give a food enthusiast?

Share your love for food in the most beautiful manner you can. Be patient, Kaamyabi jhak maarke peeche aayegi!

Sharing some of the food pics from the Foodie Deewani’s Instagram….

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How To Boil Rice Perfectly Recipe

Boiling rice perfectly seems very easy task. I must say it is! Many of the Foodeez Junction readers have asked recipe for how to boil rice perfectly. You can make a “chalta hai” rice i.e., overcooked or mushy. The dilemma is when you have guests at home and you want to treat them with a homemade variety of food or when you have that urge of eating to please your palette and you have this overcooked rice in front of you. What do you do then? Browse through the various recipes on Google or other search engines and waste your time?

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Yes, you might search for N no. of recipes thinking of this could be good, or that or the other one. Well, it’s definitely going to kill your hunger and the craving to have something good. Instead, let me share with you an easy-to-remember recipe that gives the answer to all your queries like how much water is required to boil the rice? When you are cooking basmati rice, what’s the method? How much time is required to get perfectly cooked rice?

Oh, and if you want to follow the age-old grandma’s trick, which is a Chinese traditional trick too, while cooking rice, here it is – when you put rice in the cooking pot, pour water just till the knuckle of your index finger. You need to keep the finger right on the rice and not dip it entirely in the pot. The water should just touch the start of your knuckle. If you are good at measuring inches on your fingers then the water level should be right at one-inch above the rice.

Hey, since you got the secret to cooking rice perfectly, would you mind sharing this How to Boil Rice Perfectly recipe with your friends and family. And if you cooked with the below-mentioned, any of the recipes, and sharing of Facebook or Instagram, share with #foodeezjunction . That ways, I too will get to know (unless you make the post public).

How To Cook Rice on Stove

How to Cook Rice Recipe

How To Cook Rice on Gas Stove

  • Servings: 2-3, depends
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

A step by step recipe guide to cooking rice

Remember, it’s not necessary to have a rice cooker to cook it. Start cooking on the stove and later you may or may not opt the rice cooker. It entirely depends on your choice and budget.


  • 1 cup White Rice
  • 1 ¾ cups Water
  • ¼ teaspoon Lemon Juice


  1. Take rinsed rice in a cooking pot.
  2. Add water to it and switch on the stove.
  3. Cover the lid of the cooking pot and let the rice cook on low flame for 20 minutes or till al-dante.
  4. Stir just once and with light hands.
  5. Sprinkle the lemon juice and cover the lid.
  6. After 20 minutes, once check the rice, if al-dante, then turn off the gas stove.
  7. Rice is ready!

Tip: If there is excess water, drain it once you turn off the flame.


Rinse the rice in cold water. Now, take the rinsed rice in a cooking pot. The cooking pot should be big enough. Remember, the rice expands while getting cooked.

Add normal water to the rice and put the cooking pot on low flame on the gas stove. Cover the lid of the rice pot and let it cook for 20 minutes or until al-dante. Stir just once. Do not stir it repeatedly as it may break the rice.

When you open the lid to stir the cooking rice, add ¼ teaspoon of lemon juice. Though you can skip this step, I personally would recommend you to add lemon juice. Adding lemon juice avoids mushiness in the rice.

After 20 minutes, now check the rice, if al-dante, turn off the gas stove. If there is excess water drain it quickly. Keep the cooking pot with closed lid on the same turned-off stove burner. The heat will remove excess water.

The rice is ready. You can have it with Arhar dal, it tastes yummm. Try it yourself.

An Interview with Nidhi from Nikunj Forks and Spoons

Nidhi Aggarwal in An Interview with Foodeez Junction
Nidhi Aggarwal in An Interview with Foodeez Junction

Today’s interview comes all the way from Ghaziabad and is brought to us by Nidhi from Nikunj Forks and Spoons. NIKUNJ = NIDHI + PANKAJ, Nidhi’s blog is as an ode as a token of love and respect to her husband Pankaj whom she lost a few years back. Take a look through her food blog and you will certainly fall in love with her easy and healthy recipes. Read the interview till last to find how Nidhi works on building a healthy community.

Nidhi’s healthy dahi bhalle recipe is now on my to-cook list. In case you want to try the dahi phulki recipe for now, here’s the recipe.

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Tell us about yourself.

Hello Everyone. I am Nidhi Aggarwal. I am a Punjabi lady born and bought up in Amritsar and Ghaziabad. Professionally am a Software Engineer and I worked with NIC for 2 years. Married to a Delhite, I then became a global citizen as Pankaj my husband was very fond of visiting different places. So to enjoy his passion and to enjoy my motherhood I left my job. Being a foodie I just love food and cooking and same goes for my family. I started cooking at the very small age. We sisters used to help mom in the kitchen and followed the footstep of my mom and that’s how I developed my cooking skills. We never keep maids for cooking. A foodie by nature and a passionate cook loves everything about food. Cooking is my passion. I love experimenting with food in my kitchen and try to bring the best in whatever I cook. Thanks to my family for always motivating me and becoming my guinea pigs… I cook with all my heart and soul and this love is evident in the dishes I cook. I believe in sharing a lot thus whatever I cook I share with fellow friends and my fan followings.

How you became passionate about food?

I had always loved food and cooking as my first love, but since last two years, I had become passionate as every time I cook, it seems I am cooking for Pankaj, my husband whom I lost physically 2 years back. Cooking is my way of remembering him.

Have you stayed in any other city or country?If yes, how were your food experiences there

Yes, as we both lived travelling we had travelled quite a few places. Was in Japan for 6 months in 2006. We being vegetarian hardly used to eat out but had a very nice experience in learning sushi in foreign language learning centre. In 2008, we were in Us for few months, there got to taste some great English Breakfast and became familiar with Mexican food with Taco Bell and Greek Food. Also got to taste some Pakistani food in Indian Restaurant. All in all a very exploring food experience.

Then from 2013 to 2016, we were in Taiwan, Taiwanese food is quite raw and bland and we being vegetarian used to make each n everything at home. From Indian to Mexican, from Greek to Chinese, samosa to kulfi, from kulcha to rasagulla as I didn’t want my kids and hubby to miss India. Food experience in Taiwan was amazing as I got an opportunity to show my culinary skills to Taiwanese people by organizing food stall and they just loved it.

What’s the story behind starting your blog?

My blog is named and this blog happened after I lost my husband Pankaj. This is an ode to him as a token of love and respect. NIKUNJ =NIDHI + PANKAJ, we are inseparable, what if death has taken him away, I see him with my closed eyes, I feel him with my open eyes, I know he is here and will always be.

What is your favourite food memory?

Just a few days before his hospitalization, I remember Pankaj one night said: “year I want to eat Kulfi Falooda, missing like anything”. Next time I searched the recipe and made kulfi and while making Falooda, failed at first attempt, but didn’t lose hope as I was determined will surprise him and make him eat in the evening when he is back. Bang on he was surprised and very very happy to eat it and I was super happy I could fulfil his desire……didn’t know this was among his last few desires.

How do you get your inspiration?

My biggest Inspiration is Pankaj, who always used to motivate and encourage to try new things. My family is my inspiration whom I love to the core, for their health n taste I keep on trying new variations so that I can provide them HEALTHY food.

What has enabled you to find success?

For me, success comes only when you have tasted failure. My family is my greatest support and critic, they have always taken my failures into a positive direction and have always motivated me that enables me to try out new things every time without fearing about failure.
I find success every time when my family smiles and give me a thumbs up.

Who in the food world do you most admire?

I had always followed chef Sanjeev Kapoor in my initial years of cooking. Loved him for his simplicity, his recipes always used to be simple with simple ingredients always available and with simple steps. I admire and love chef Vikas Khanna too for his creativity.

What do you find new and exciting about the food industry?

The food industry is one of the largest and vital industry. It’s always so exciting to see new creative dishes and trends that restaurant follow. There is so much to learn and try. With each passing day, I learn something new and read something new about food. Like recently have come to know about the use and benefits of microgreens. In fact, not only using them have started growing my own mustard greens.

The Biggest Challenge/s you faced while putting up your blog?

Even though being a software engineer, am not very tech savvy and hate working on computers for hours, and setting up a blog requires a lot of time on the computer so that was my biggest challenge.

What keeps you going?
Constant love, support and motivation of the family and followers keep me going.

What is your day like?
My day starts at 5 with cooking and ends at 9 with cooking. I have two school going kids for whom I need to prepare Tiffins and breakfast, then after the walk n morning tea, it’s my session with my tab for all the queries I post in food groups. Thereafter it’s the breakfast time for my parents and myself. Between breakfast and lunch time apart from preparing lunch I sneak in some time to do some sketching or painting another hobby for whom am passionate. Post lunch it’s time for kids to come back and then the day vanishes juggling between kids n kitchen.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten?
We are not sure of next 10 min so how can I think of next 5 years or so. I live n believe in Today, I love cooking and love to cook for my family and will keep doing the same till my last breath.

What do you most love about your job/work?

What I love most is through cooking all the 3 meals is monotonous, but still, there are n no. of options and variations, you can try and ENJOY. The best part is the smiles I get to see on the faces when I do my work. Remember I belong to foodies….they love to eat and I love to cook.

A recipe that you would want the entire world to know.

Dahi bhalle

There is no one,, but quite a few HEALTHY recipes which I innovated. Be it Rainbow Dhokla with no artificial colours or instant non-fried Dahi bhalle made in an appe pan or non-fried shahi tukda. I keep on sharing my recipes in food groups so that maximum people should come to know about these HEALTHY recipes. Even some of them have been published in newspapers too.

Favourite foods to cook with?

I love playing with colours be it on canvas or in my kitchen. So to add colours to the food I try to play with vegetables. I also love to play with different kind of flours, my recent favourite is almond flour. But still, HEALTHY nature of the food I cook is always at the back of my mind.

What do you do for fun?
For me spending time with my family is utmost fun as we are happy-go-lucky family. I love playing cricket with my 5-year-old son. For me, cooking & painting is also fun as I ENJOY while doing.

If you had just one wish, what would it be?

My one and only wish is if I could have some more years with Pankaj but I know that can never be fulfilled so my wish would be for everyone to follow a HEALTHY and stressfree life and everyone should live a happy life.

Best piece of advice you would give a food enthusiast?

I would just suggest every foodie to never let the passion go… keep trying and keep sharing.
Sharing is learning.

Anything else you want to add?

I would love to add about Microgreens. Recently I have been inspired by growing our own Microgreens. These tiny little greens after the first leaves grow are super HEALTHY and nutrient dense. So I would suggest everyone give it a try as it’s not only HEALTHY to grow and use micro greens but it’s therapeutic too.

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Who Says No To Maggi Noodles? | Product Review

Maggi Noodles – the ultimate refuge of a hosteler or a bachelor I must say. To celebrate whatsoever the occasion is we start with “let’s make Maggi first.” I don’t know what seductive ingredient it has, but surely the Nestle India gets a lot of blessings of people especially in India for providing us with a remedy for our hunger pangs, and it’s easy to make!

Well, how many of you had actually made Maggi noodles in two minutes, as Nestle claims? I couldn’t and I would not try to make it in two minutes! Who is going to spoil the real taste? Certainly, I make it in Indian style. But this discussion will come later on (you need to scroll below).

For now, starting the food product review, I want to tell you why I chose Maggi today. I was uncertain of what to write in the reviews. I already have a schedule of all the food products yet I didn’t feel like reviewing them first. I randomly type on “FOOD”, and guess what, it was Maggi in the first place at Rs. 86. I wonder who orders Maggi online?? Really, if you know someone I want to know too. I’m still wondering 😛

Which one I like most out of Oats, Atta and Maggi Masala? I like the Atta Noodles. I give preference to the Maggi Atta Noodles over its other variations.

Why I would recommend you to keep Maggi in you Kitchen closet?

Maggie Product Review Foodeez Junction

Of course, it’s the ultimate option to fill your stomach when you are in no mood of cooking anything else. I know most of us tried not to miss it when there were remarks about lead content kept rolling on in the news a few years back. Nestle made a move and saved itself as well as us! It tastes quite different from all other noodles present in the market, to name I had tried Yippie noodles and Top Ramens. If I need to rank them I’ll keep Maggie on 1, second place for Yippie and the third for Top Ramens (I, somehow, don’t like it).

Coming to its nutritional value – as mentioned on the Maggi pack, the 70 gm pack of the noodles contain 15% iron. It also constitutes palm oil, an ingredient that reduces cholesterol level, boosts brain health and enhances Vitamin A status. I am not saying it’s a healthy option as Maggi noodles are fried, that’s why the company claims that you can make it within two minutes.

Easy Peasy Indian Style Recipe for Maggi Noodles

There are ‘n’ number of ways in which you can make these Maggi noodles. If you too have a unique recipe and want to share with us here, you can write to me at and I will publish it in your name of course.

Here’s the Indian-style Healthy (trying to be) recipe for Maggie Noodles.

In a wok take half tablespoon mustard oil. Heat it for a minute. Add chopped onions; saute till light brown. Add 1/2 teaspoon of ginger-garlic paste and saute for 10 seconds. Add chopped tomatoes and stir fry. Keep the ratio of onions to tomatoes as 1:2. Once the tomatoes soften, you can add veggies like chopped green pepper, green peas, chopped beans, chopped carrots and sliced mushrooms. Adding veggies depends on the availability and your choice. Add noodles, 1/4 teaspoon pickle masala and half of the Maggi masala from the sachet. Saute for a minute on low flame. Add water and the rest of the Maggi Masala, and cover the lid. Let it cook till the noodles get soften. That’s it, Maggi is ready.

I will share the detailed recipe in my upcoming posts.

Tip: Do not let the Maggi rest in the pan, else someone else will eat it! On a serious note, do not let the noodles rest as it becomes puffy. You might not want to eat them. Add more water for soupy noodles.

Watch Rockhy and Mayur having the comfort food – Maggi Noodles

From where you can buy Maggi?

Check your kitchen closet… you might be having a packet now! Or the grocery store next to your building area Or yes Amazon! Still, I want to know who orders it online?

I would want to know why do you love Maggi and if you could share me your secret recipe… shhh everything is secret on social media 😀 you can share with #foodeezjunction or tag @foodeezjunction on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

I think you would want to see these updates from the Maggi noodle lovers.

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We Are Inviting Interviews from Food Enthusiasts


As you might have noticed Foodeez Junction is undergoing some changes, I’m aiming to re-start the food blog with the newer approach. I hope you will like this food guide. As you know, all the processes require team and efforts, you can get associated with us or send your food-related articles for guest posting on

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Fruits And Vegetables Which Should Only Be Bought Organically

Guest post by Jennifer Rice Of Sugarsoil. Thank you, Jennifer for sharing the article with Foodeez Junction.

Organic produce seems to be the talk of the town these days. Is this simply a fad or is there some truth in it? The draw of organically grown fruit and vegetables is that they are not encumbered with pesticides and insecticides.

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Food Blogger Sara Khan in an Interview with Kalaage

Food blogger Sara Khan interview

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