Foodeez Junction in an Interview with Hyderabad Based Food Venture Paymitime Founder Members

An Interview with Founder Members Paymitime – A Hyderabadi Food Venture

How about you get paid when you spend minutes, sometimes hours waiting for someone or sometimes food? Your mind may say hah, there’s nothing like that… yet your heart says a “yay” when it hears the concept! Well, that’s what Paymitime promises to do. Today’s interview comes all the way from Hyderabad and is brought to us by the founder members of Paymitime. Continue reading An Interview with Founder Members Paymitime – A Hyderabadi Food Venture

Chef Ashay Dhopatkar

We Are Inviting Interviews from Food Enthusiasts


As you might have noticed Foodeez Junction is undergoing some changes, I’m aiming to re-start the food blog with the newer approach. I hope you will like this food guide. As you know, all the processes require team and efforts, you can get associated with us or send your food-related articles for guest posting on

An important thing is — I am right now conducting interviews on my blog, but it is limited to Indian food enthusiasts only. Right now, the interviews are freeee. You only need to fill the questionnaire I’ll send on your email id. If this interests you, I’m sure you want to get featured on India’s Only Food Guide, email me Continue reading “We Are Inviting Interviews from Food Enthusiasts”

Guest post Foodeez Junction

Fruits And Vegetables Which Should Only Be Bought Organically

Guest post by Jennifer Rice Of Sugarsoil. Thank you, Jennifer for sharing the article with Foodeez Junction.

Organic produce seems to be the talk of the town these days. Is this simply a fad or is there some truth in it? The draw of organically grown fruit and vegetables is that they are not encumbered with pesticides and insecticides.

These chemicals are used to combat insects and other creature which may impact the plant. Considering the harmful impact these additives have on insects, it is a natural progression to think that they can harm humans as well. Continue reading “Fruits And Vegetables Which Should Only Be Bought Organically”