The House of Celeste Reopens for Diners

Located in Gurgaon’s upmarket 32nd Milestone,  THC – The House of Celeste is a progressive Indian restaurant that showcases a borderless cuisine with Indian elements.

With the quest of creating a memorable dining experience for the customers, founder Animesh Rao envisions The House Of Celeste to become Delhi NCR’s favoured dining destination. The philosophy behind the restaurant spells out everything heavenly and celestial, abstract in its form, definition, nuance and creates a divine dining experience. At The House of Celeste, the food is created in a manner to embody qualities that make it deeply delicious and artfully presented.

The restaurant has been designed keeping in mind the symphony between intuitive service, gallant exuberance and a feeling of familiarity.

The House of Celeste presents an innovative, contemporary and modern menu with a uniquely styled menu. On offer are street foods, regional fare, grill and wood fired oven dishes, a wide selection of meats and the season’s best ingredients. Each dish is centered around one core ingredient and is created to perfection with contrasting texture, color and a burst of flavors. Crafted with precision and curated with respect, dishes on the menu such as Gunpowder prawns, Mutton ghee roast, Vindaloo pork melt and much more pay homage to traditional Indian ingredients and are enhanced with modern techniques to bring forth their nuanced subtleties.

The House of Celeste promises an experience for all senses. Just like the food, the cocktails at The House of Celeste are nothing short of indulgent. The cocktail menu aims to elevate pleasure to a celestial level- where the familiar takes on a new sparkle, where the comforting becomes playful, and where the classic finds a worthy contemporary form.

With the aim of becoming the extension of one’s dining room, The House of Celeste exudes an inviting, comforting and laid back atmosphere. The restaurant offers a  wonderful vibe, outstanding service, exciting cocktails and a promise to remind diners of their Indian roots. With all this and more, The House of Celeste is all set to captivate and charm gourmands of the Capital. 

The restaurant is taking safety and precautionary measures, and ensuring a safe dining experience. The well being and health of the patrons is the prime priority of The House of Celeste.

As shared in the Press Release to Foodeez Junction Team.


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