November Roundup

November 2016 Roundup

Hey Foodeez,

It’s December! This month always reminds us that time flies by and we are going to get a year older. Have you thought of doing something yet for yourself? No, I’m not talking about New Year resolutions – we always make an unrealistic approach through them. I’m talking about doing something really, something that you love and had wanted to do from long time. Don’t say, you don’t have enough time. It’s just that you need to pull your socks and get started.

Just like I did by launching Foodeez Junction in February 2016! And there will be another wish-to-fulfilled in 2017. I’m working on it. You’ll know gradually about it 🙂

It’s time to share the recap of November. If you have tried any of the recipes, visited any of the reviewed restaurant or used the products mentioned after reading my reviews, please drop your message in the comment section below or just email me at or message me by tagging #foodeezjunction on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I’ll love to hear from you.

Did you checked out FJ’s Facebook page yet? I would suggest you to connect with us there too, as lots and lots of things get updated there.

Here’s the round up on what all happened on Foodeez Junction in November, 2016:

  1. Apple Pie Recipe

    Apple Pie RecipeStarting with my favourites and one of the popular recipes of November – Apple Pie Recipe. If you still haven’t made this pie, now is the time. Just grab your chef’s hat and cook.

  2.  Aloo Palak Recipe

    Aloo Palak foodeezjunction.comAnother popular post from November. As winters are approaching, this simple Aloo Palak is a must-have in your Winter Meal plan.

  3. Kausani’s Food Trail Account

    Madua ki Roti, Bhatt ke Dupke and Badee ki Sabzi
    Madua ki Roti, Bhatt ke Dupke and Badee ki Sabzi

    Just loved the place. Click to read more and if you are planning a trip to this small-but-beautiful hill station do not think, just pack your bag and start now. If you need any guidance or tip, connect to me at or simply drop your message in the comments section below.

  4. Karonda ka Achar

    Karonde ka achar foodeezjunction.comThis one is the first pickle recipe on Foodeez Junction and of course my favourite.

  5. Gulab Jamun, Guest post by Anu Yalo from Tastebuds

    jamun.jpgIndian food is incomplete without a dessert, and so here it is. A guest post by Gulab Jamun made from bread! Mmmmm Tasty!

  6. Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurant Review

    Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurant ReviewEverytime I see this pic, I start craving for this Non-veg platter at Kenny Rogers Roasters. Try it out if you are in Delhi NCR and do share your experience there with me in the comments section.

  7. Bread Pakora Recipe

    Bread Pakora Foodeezjunction.comA recipe for snacks… it’s delicious. You cannot resist Bread Pakoras.

  8. Caramelised Cornflakes Namkeen

    Caramelised Cornflakes Namkeen Mixture

    A healthy recipe for you to munch.

  9. Tamatar ki Chutney

    Chilli Tomato Chutney
    Chilli Tomato Chutney

    This chutney goes well with Tehri or Besan ki Roti. We’will be sharing recipe for besan ki roti soon.

  10. Egg in a Bun!

    img-20161112-wa0010.jpgEggilicious! We are experimenting and developing various recipes made with eggs. More Egg recipes will be followed soon.

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